Submission #686: MattyXB's GB Final Fantasy Adventure in 1:41:34.05

Console Game Boy Emulator VBA
Game Version USA Frame Count 365643
ROM Filename Final Fantasy Adventure (U) [!].gb Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 5277
Unknown Authors MattyXB
Game Final Fantasy Adventure
Submitted by MattyXB on 5/26/2005 4:22:33 AM

Submission Comments
Emulator used: VBA-rerecording-9
Uses much Frame Advance and SaveStates
Thinks which I have done in this run:
  • Aims for the fastest time.
  • Never Save in the game.
  • Takes no damage from enemies.
  • Best usage from items.
  • Manipulate luck & enemies.
  • Get only weapons & items which you need to finish the game.
  • Get no Armor, Shield or Helm.
  • Speak only with people which are important to finish the game.
  • Use only Power by Level-Up.
  • Use tricks.
I would count this too as a no damage run. I take damage only 4 times, but there is no other way by this 4 times. I must go this ways to finish the game and the spikes or lava are in my way. I can't go around these places, so I take there damage. But all other ways, where I can go araound I do it. So its maybe faster to go through spikes, but I don't want it. Looks better when go around these other spikes. And then I can count this as no Damage run too.
Here is now my second run from this great game, enjoy it. Maybe you have see the first version from me and see much errors and bad moves. Now don't think this will too a bad run. This one is much improved in many things. Skip the beginning now, not know that you can skip it in my first run. Get only chests which I need and take the shortest routes to every place. Kill only enemies which on my way. So it cost not much time and I Level Up this way. Kill Bosses much faster and looks much better. Use the items optimal. Get too Crystal this time and use them. Save much time. Buy no armor, shield or helm. Not sell items, weapons or armor. Use now much Frame Advance, what I have not done in my first run. Played the game much faster, because I walk to near all screens the fastest way. Now its looks good and I am very happy with the result. Its over 20 minutes faster then my first version. And I defeat the last Boss under 1:40, but I must record more, because you must still skip the last messages from the mother. So its a bit over 1:40.
Tricks I used: Hit an enemie and walk through them. When it cost to much time to kill an enemie I just hit them one time when it is in my way and walk through them. Its much faster as kill all enemies. Hit an exploding enemie, that the exploding slide over the screen. Looks nice and happen sometimes. Push enemies. Looks great, but you can't push all enemies and some which you can push not any time. I push enemies sometime just for fun, when I need chests, not want to get a chest or when I can't defeat them with the weapon I have equiped.
Item Usage: Sometimes I use a new item, to save time. For example: when I need 3 keys in a row. I will equip a new one and not a key where is only 1 or 2 left.
Weapons: I use most the best weapons for the Bosses. Sometimes an other weapon is maybe stronger, but Morning Star can attack 4 times with one hit. And when I use other weapons I have test it too which is better. The Ice Sword is stronger then Morning Star, but some Bosses can't be hit from it like the last Dragons.
Chocobo: I get him as fast as possible, because he is fast. And I like him. You can skip him in the first part from the game, but I think many would like to see him as fast as possible in this game.
There is so much I can tell about this game, but I think it will to much here. So I have make a txt file and upload it here with the important things for this run. So when you want to know something look there. I explain much there about my run.
At last enjoy this run with no big errors and a great time. This will be my last version for now for this game. My left hand hurts much now, because the keys on my keyboard for Frame Advance are in a stupid position (Strg & n). But for this game I have done it without watch out for my left hand. So I hope many like this run and see what is possible in this adventure game what you normaly play over more hours.
PS: And sorry for my bad english, but better a bad english discribtion then no run. ;-)
Cancelled, because I done it now over 8 minutes better with much improvment which you will see.

Last Edited by MattyXB on 1/15/2006 10:33:01 PM
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