Submission #6937: DreamYao's NES Batman in 09:15.24

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX
Game Version USA Frame Count 33369
ROM Filename Batman - The Video Game (USA) Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 43387
Unknown Authors DreamYao
Game Batman
Submitted by DreamYao on 11/18/2020 12:59:40 PM

Submission Comments
  • target:Aims for Fastest Time
  • Genre: Platform/Action
  • Emulator:FCEUX
There are still some improvements to the film, which are currently under improvement and I would like to delay them
Thanks “xxezrabxxx” for the encode!
A few days ago, I found some shortcomings in the last movie. I found that the global timer in the 3-1, 3-2 levels in the last movie was not very lucky. In the last movie, I made Batman turn back a frame to kill the monster behind Batman, and the global timer I met in 3-2 was not good enough, which caused me to jump one more time. So I was thinking that if I could be faster at the level before 3-1, then I might meet a better global timer, and I could move faster at level 3-1, 3-2.
So I tried to make TAS again. When I got to 2-3, I didn't find any improvement. I didn't get the frame number at the level before 2-3. At this point, I reach 2-4, and if I still don't have any improvement, I'll meet the same global timer as the last movie when I reach 3-1. I observed for a long time in 2-4. I found that I used a boomerang to attack the second component of the boss. I could kill it by 4 frames faster than the last movie. Therefore, I got 4 frames of killing on the second component. As the second component of boss killed 4 frames faster, the third component fired one frame faster than the last film, which made it impossible for me to avoid Boss bullet, let Batman take a damage, finally I got 3 frames, so let Batman take a damage is worth it.
When I got to 3-1 and 3-2, I was lucky to meet a good global timer that didn't stop me from moving forward. When I got to the top left of 3-3, I observed an interesting rock. The rock on the top left could be touched by Batman. I tried to make Batman climb from this rock, so I succeeded, but the flamethrower under the rock would hurt Batman. I managed to kill him, but he brought me more lag. I climbed from the rock After I went up, I found that Batman was 69 frames faster than before (1.15 seconds). I added this route and bought me a lot of time. The main improvement of the film comes from this route.
Frame number gain and loss:
Level = new frame = old frame = gain and loss of frame number
Total: 100 frames
Improvement details:
2-4: the second component of boss can kill faster with boomerang attack (gains 3 frames)
3-1: Batman's head doesn't touch the top wall when jumping at the first car, which makes Batman jump further. I met a good global timer at the second monster, which didn't hinder my progress (get 3 frames)
3-2: one less jump at the lower right monster and one less turn back on the climbing wall (gain 5 frames)
3-3: Due to the good global timer, I missed one jump in the flame car at the bottom right. Adding a new route in the upper left corner saved me 1.15 seconds, the biggest improvement of the film. Because it was too fast, the first flamethrower in the upper right corner didn't hurt Batman, so I didn't use the pause function, which saved me some time. I also found that if the screen is close to the end, it can trigger a 3-4 boss fight one frame ahead of time. (get 77 frames)
3-4: I added the same skill as the last movie in this boss battle. Batman moves one frame in the opposite direction while punching in the air, so he can move behind the boss in the air ahead of time. (get 2 frames)
4-1: it's very bad that I lost some frames in this level. These lost frames come from the lag, which is increased by 2 lag compared with the last movie, and the pause function is used at the beginning. There will be different lag at different times, I have tried my best to reduce it! (3 frames lost)
4-3: at the top right of the level, I got 2 frames of improvement, but I added 2 unavoidable lags to this level. Finally, I didn't get the number of frames (got 0 frames)
4-4: through my careful observation, I found that Batman may be able to attack the boss six times in the second jump, so I used the 3-4 technique and successfully attacked the boss 6 times. (get 6 frames)
5-1: the main improvements to this level come from climbing walls and fast 1 frame to trigger 5-2 boss combat (gains 3 frames)
5-2: when I saw the boss, I killed the boss in the same way as the last movie. After I killed the boss, I found that it was slower than the last movie. As I mentioned in the last movie, the attack time of this boss is also affected by the global timer. The attack time of this boss is slower than that of the last movie, which leads to my killing time being slower than that of the last movie. So I tried another killing method and found it was faster than the last movie! (get 4 frames)

Memory: Claiming for judging
Memory: So as far as I can tell optimization seems good but there's probably going to be another improvement in like a week or so that proves me wrong.
The audience liked the run and it contains solid Batman action.
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na... Accepting to moons as an improvement to [4332]NES Batman by DreamYao in 09:16.90.

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