Submission #6949: DreamYao's NES Batman in 09:13.90

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX
Game Version USA Frame Count 33289
ROM Filename Batman - The Video Game (USA) Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 183945
Unknown Authors DreamYao
Game Batman
Submitted by DreamYao on 11/29/2020 2:54:03 PM

Submission Comments
  • target:Aims for Fastest Time
  • Genre: Platform/Action
  • Emulator:FCEUX
In this improvement, I found new skills and new routes, so I decided to improve Batman again
At the same time, in this improvement, I also found a 5-2 boss glitch. Using the pause function three frames before the boss attacks Batman can delay the boss's attack on Batman, and so on until the boss is killed
New skills:: Batman fires his weapon in the air while holding down the squat, so the weapon can be fired at a lower level(This helps to attack cars on the ground)
New route: 3-3 the gap in the upper left rock can be climbed. (it's worth noting that the flamethrower under the rock will hurt Batman, so try to kill him. He will create some lag, but he can finally get about 73 frames on this route) ≈ 1.21 seconds
Mechanism: in the third part of 2-4boss, the core open time has four frame rule. The second part of the 4-4boss has a four frame rule of movement stop and death time
I think this game has great potential and people are not very familiar with this game until now. I found new bugs and techniques in every improvement. I think this game should have some bugs and skills that haven't been discovered. At least what you see now is the best I can and you can see. I believe that some day in the future, someone will find more bugs and techniques
Thanks “xxezrabxxx” for the encode!
Frame number gain and loss:
Level = new frame = old frame = gain and loss of frame number
Total: 180 frames
Improvement details:
1-1: use new technique to reduce one jump in the second car (get 2 frames)
1-2: use the new technique to reduce a jump in the upper left car again and reduce lag (get 3 frames)
1-3: changed the strategy of killing boss. Batman increases one attack in the first jump and reduces one attack in the second jump (gains 5 frames)
2-1:I can't find any improvement(get 0 frames)
2-2:Improvement of climbing wall at the top(get 1 frames)
2-3:In the first trap, the new technique is used to clear the trap and reduce one jump. At the end, the strategy is changed to reduce one jump and lag again(gains 5 frames)
2-4:In the third part, the opening time of core has four frame rule. Due to the good global timer, the number of pauses is reduced in the first part, and a four frame rule is obtained in the second part. At this time, Batman can no longer avoid the bullets in the third part and takes damage.(gains 13 frames)
3-1:Take the damage at the first car and move through the trap below(get 12 frames)
3-2:Good global timer, reduce a jump at the bottom right, and use new techniques to attack the car(get 4 frames)
3-3:Good global timer, reduce a jump at the lower right flame car, add a new route in the upper left corner, and reduce the number of pauses when climbing the rock wall in the upper right corner(get 81 frames)
3-4:I added the same skill as the last movie in this boss battle. Batman moves one frame in the opposite direction while punching in the air, so he can move behind the boss in the air ahead of time. (get 2 frames)
4-1:Due to different global timers, the action path of big monsters is also different, so I added a jump at the end(1 frames lost)
4-2:Improvements were made on the last time climbing the wall and landing to the bottom(get 2 frames)
4-3:Two frames have been improved at the climbing wall of the acceleration belt. I stayed for two frames under the second flame car on the upper right because the movement path and transmission frequency of the flame car are affected by the global timer. If I don't stay for two frames, when I meet the flame car, it will increase a flame attack, which will cause me to increase the number of pauses, which will waste three frames. In the end, I reduced one lag and got back the lost frames.(gains 3 frames)
4-4:Boss also has 4-frame rule. I used 3-4 skill in Batman's second jump to increase the number of air attacks. Using pause in boss 4 frame rule can make boss stop moving ahead of time and get closer to Batman to kill him(get 8 frames)
5-1:Batman killed two cars when he jumped on the second floor, reduced the number of jumps to get 2 frames, used new skills at the end of the second floor to make Batman jump higher to get 1 frame, and other improvements came from the climbing wall on the upper right(get 8 frames)
5-2:As I said above.If you use the pause function within three frames before the boss attacks you, you can delay his attack on you.This is undoubtedly the fastest way to kill boss(get 32 frames)
5-3:If there is no proper glitch, I think this should be the fastest way to kill a clown. Clown has a glitch that can trigger the ending quickly. If you use this glitch in TAS, it will increase the input time of the movie. It is very practical in RTA competition, but it can't get help in TAS, because the timing methods of RTA and TAS are different.(get 0 frames)

ThunderAxe31: Judging.
ThunderAxe31: Setting to delayed, in view of new improvements in progress.
ThunderAxe31: File replaced with a 31 frames improvement, and resuming judgement.
ThunderAxe31: Accepting as improvement over the current publication.
fsvgm777: Processing. Samsara is handling the encodes for this one.

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