Submission #6972: DarkShamilKhan, ParadaxeTH, WST & marzojr's Genesis Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog "no zips" in 15:04.28

System Sega Genesis Emulator Gens 11b
Game Version Unknown Rom Frame Count 54187
ROM Filename S1K.bin Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch no zips Rerecord Count 14615
Unknown Authors DarkShamilKhan, ParadaxeTH, WST, marzojr
Game Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog
Submitted by DarkShamilKhan on 12/22/2020 5:19:11 AM

Submission Comments
No zip run, better optimization, more precision and tricks. This run uses version 1.1 of Stealth's Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog hack. This is the version used in the previous movie as well, although it has been mislabeled as using v1.0.

Game objectives


Here are the improved acts:
Act New timeOld time
Green Hill 10:16::310:16::31
Green Hill 20:13::470:14::07
Green Hill 30:28::330:28::33
Marble 10:13::540:15::40
Marble 20:14::320:14::32
Marble 30:28::090:28::09
Spring Yard 10:19::160:20::30
Spring Yard 20:20::200:20::20
Spring Yard 30:44::440:44::44
Labyrinth 10:23::100:23::10
Labyrinth 20:33::57non
Labyrinth 30:55::01non
Star Light 10:17::290:17::42
Star Light 20:14::440:14::44
Star Light 30:31::55non
Scrap Brain 10:21::470:21::47
Scrap Brain 20:28::510:29::21
Scrap Brain 30:13::050:13::05
Final Zone1:10::201:10::20
The times given are the in-game timer values. The value after the final colon pair indicates the in-game frame counter, and is restricted to the 0-59 range. It is updated every frame (except during lag frames), and increments the in-game second when resetting to zero.

Stage by stage comments

Green Hill 1

Same as the previous one

Green Hill 2

So you might think this isn't a good run of a level, believe me this was the fastest route that I took, yes I tried the bottom route as well and I got 13.50 so this was the fastest I got. I will accept the criticism in the discussion forum.

Green Hill 3

Same as the JXQ'S run

Marble 1

New route and faster route by Shiro, and he jump glide it to get to the top and then finish the level

Marble 2

Same as the JXQ's run

Marble 3

Same as the JXQ's run

Spring Yard 1

This route was found by Evil 3D and said that you can use the slope glitch to go up to the top and finish the level, this route is much faster than the JXQ's run. So this level is played by me.

Spring Yard 2

Same as the previous record

Spring Yard 3

Same as the JXQ's run

Labyrinth 1

Same as the JXQ's run

Labyrinth 2

First half is by WST & marzojr, in second half is Shiro.

Labyrinth 3

The entire act is done by Shiro, no zip variant.

Star Light 1

In star light and in other games too, when going down the slope at such speed and when the slope is going to end, jump and that will increase the speed and velocity of the character. I went at such high speed in the first quater of the level that I made up the upper path.

Star Light 2

Time is the same, but I got fast after the loop. But then the rotating platforms came and that bugged me out.

Star Light 3

Nothing new, I got fast at the first loop, and did the loop glitch which saved me 10 to 8 frames. And the Boss at first was annoying but I found new strategy to beat it quick.

Scrap Brain 1

Same as the previous run.

Scrap Brain 2

Shiro did a much faster and did better optimization to beat the level faster than the previous one.

Scrap Brain 3

Same as the JXQ's run.

Final Zone

Using Aglar’s pause trick to exchange real-time for in-game time. Done by Shiro.

Other Comments

Possible improvements: None that we can find.

Thanks to Shiro for finding a faster route in Marble Zone 1 and in Scrap Brain 2. AND Evil 3D for finding the Spring Yard act 1 slope glitch trick.

feos: Fixed formatting. Don't start long lines with spaces.
Samsara: Updated one of the author's names to be consistent with their recent solo submission.
Memory: claiming for judging
Memory: Delaying to allow for potential improvements
Samsara: Removing JXQ from author list at their request.
Samsara: File replaced with a 128 frame improvement. Movie will remain on Delayed so Memory can set it back to judging herself, because the submission status system is weird.
Memory: resuming judgment
Memory: Optimization looks good especially after the improvements.
So the reception for this tas was mixed, largely in part due to the choice of hack. It was generally agreed that we cannot have both this and zips. It was also agreed that zipless better showed off the hack. However, I believe that if we receive better hacks, this should be obsoleted by one of them.
fsvgm777: Processing. EZGames69 is handling the encodes for this one.

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