Densetsu no Stafy



  • Id: 701
  • Platforms: GBA
  • Abbreviation: dns
  • Display Name: Densetsu no Stafy
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  • Platformer


Densetsu no Stafy, or The Legendary Starfy, is a platform game developed by TOSE and published by Nintendo. The story is that a cute little star named Starfy accidentally releases a powerful demon from a magic jar. The demon, Ogura, then takes over Starfy's home in the cloud-kingdom of Pufftop and causes a storm which knocks Starfy into the water below. With the help of some new water-abilities and new friends, Starfy journeys to return to Pufftop and seal Ogura away once again.
The author, jlun2, abuses a glitch that allows him to start playing from the middle of the attract mode demo and challenge the final boss much earlier than he's supposed to. In doing so, he improves his previous attempt by 00:04.74 seconds through better optimization.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Sha1 Md5 Platform
Good Densetsu no Stafy (Japan).gba J 75F6297F42C41E2A6D108DE9A372308AD2DF6A9C 06ED08799B2F163076FE9FC0CFE65A4C GBA