Submission #7029: Memory, fsvgm777's SNES Plok "all levels" in 41:21.83

System Super NES Emulator BizHawk 2.6.0
Game Version USA Frame Count 149155
ROM Filename Plok (USA).sfc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch all levels Rerecord Count 100989
Unknown Authors Memory, fsvgm777
Game Plok
Submitted by fsvgm777 on 2/12/2021 8:52:43 PM

Submission Comments
Gadzooks! It's Plok, but with all the levels!

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 2.6
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses death to save time
  • Forgoes warps
  • Heavy glitch abuse


fsvgm777: After finishing the any% TAS, we teamed up again early this year to work on a TAS that finishes all the levels and defeats all the bosses of this game, and here it is.


The mechanics are explained in detail in our any% submission. As such, most of these also apply here.

Stage By Stage Comments

Cotton Island – Beach

Memory: This stage is fairly simple, consisting of some slides and speed maintenance.

Cotton Island – Bridge

Memory: The buzzsaw to the left makes this stage really quick

Cotton Island – Columns

Memory: Again, mostly simple slides.

Cotton Island – Log Falls

fsvgm777: Gotta love these steep slides giving you a lot of speed.

Cotton Island – Rickety Bridge

Memory: There’s a wall to the right at the very start that goes up to an invisible ceiling so you have to fall through the bridge. I tried clipping but wasn’t able to succeed. The buzzsaw gets you most the way through the stage.

Cotton Island – Crazy Cradles

Copied over from the any% TAS, with minor adjustments.

Cotton Island – Blind Leap

Memory: the start of this stage is mostly copied over from any%. Climbing to the right required limbs so I had to slow down some.

Cotton Island – Bobbins Bros.

fsvgm777: The beginning input was actually copied from the Legacy Island fight. As for this fight in particular, we lure the bros to the right side where the flagpole stands. The second bro is defeated as close to the flagpole as possible, to minimise on waiting time for the flag to land on the floor.

Akrillic – Garlen Beach

Memory: Egg manipulation is huge to success here. You generally want to be fighting as many fleas at the same time as possible. In the top left, I used hornets to attack the lower flea while in the upper area. The rocket platform thing ascends rather slowly, so killing fleas while it is rising is ideal.

Akrillic – Sleepy Dale

fsvgm777: Getting the sawblade at the top is faster than walking to the left. Memory: While you have the shotgun power-up, you can’t trigger targets, so you want to grab it as soon as possible to have it run out about when you need to hit the next target. From there, it’s more manipulation. The idea for the death warp was taken from the rta run.

Akrillic – Plok’s House

Copied over from the any% TAS.

Legacy Island – Mace Cove

Ditto, with minor adjustments.

Legacy Island – Fool’s Gap


Legacy Island – Zig Zag


Legacy Island – Sponge Rocks

fsvgm777: The beginning up until the two bone fish was copied from the any% TAS. There wasn’t a whole lot left afterwards, aside from a long slide and more rocks and logs falling near the end of the stage.

Legacy Island – Swifty Peaks

Memory: There are 3 sets of 3 buzz saw power-ups. In each of them, 2 last a short amount of time, while one of them lasts much longer. On the last set, I slid backwards towards the buzz saw and did a spin jump at the last possible moment. By sliding backwards, I’m able to face the correct direction while still getting upwards speed from the somersault.
The rest of the Legacy Island stages was copied over from the any% TAS, with minor adjustments, though one frame was saved over the any% TAS when resyncing Crouch Hill, likely thanks to better enemy placement.

Akrillic – Plok Town

Memory: This stage kinda sucks, it has a lot of invisible walls that eggs can’t go past. 20 frames were saved here over partyboy’s stage.

Akrillic – The Penkinos

Copied from any%

Akrillic – Venge Thicket

fsvgm777: The beginning up until the first flea egg was copied from the any% TAS. The egg manips in the bottom half aren’t too terribly difficult, as you could just move forward whilst juggling the eggs to the rocky thing that goes down when you hit the corresponding target. After killing off the last three fleas in the lower area, we damage boost to the top half, saving some time as opposed to going all the way to the right.
Memory: I mostly did the top segment. You don’t have enough health to go across the entire top segment without stopping so I had to consider where to best spend health. One important part was making sure the last flea was as far left as possible so the flag would have less distance to travel.

Akrillic – Dreamy Cove

Memory: So I found out from aran;jaegar after the tas finished that one can pass through the blue blocks while on the rocket platform without breaking them by jumping repeatedly. I’m not resyncing the whole rest of the tas however so that’ll be a thing for next time. Otherwise, a lot of it is egg management. The idea for the death warp was taken from the rta run.

Akrillic – Creepy Forest

Memory: The revolving spike doors operate on a global cycle, making this level rather annoying. It’s important to only take damage to the spike doors as a result. Getting a flea to fall all the way down to the flagpole was extremely tricky.

Akrillic – Womack Spider

Copied from any%

Akrillic – Creepy Crag


Akrillic – Gohome Cavern

Copied with a minor adjustment

Akrillic – Crashing Rocks

Memory: Very tricky stage, the waves occur on a global cycle and the rocks move inconsistently. The closed in segment in particular was tricky to optimize. Eggs will immediately hatch if they hit the water.

Akrillic – Rockyfella

Enjoy the boss theme.

Flea Pit – Cycling Clever

Memory: Gaining as much speed on the slopes without flying off too soon is tricky. We were unable to make any sort of quick platform cycle so instead we used a couple of damage boosts to skip the platforms.

Flea Pit – Road Hogging

Memory: I found you could pass over the archway while falling at the 31 minute mark and resynced the rest of the stage. Otherwise this was mostly fsvgm777.
fsvgm777: This is probably the easiest of the vehicle stages of the Flea Pit, as the bats can be killed in one hit. Releasing the direction on a downward slope increases the X speed.

Flea Pit – High Flying

Copied from any% with a minor adjustments

Flea Pit – Easy Riding

Copied from any% with a bunch of minor adjustments.

Flea Pit – In a Spin

Copied from any%

Flea Pit – Real Rumblings

Memory: Once you get the fruit, it’s important to only take damage from touching the turret fleas since they do the least damage and cannot be totally avoided without shooting them repeatedly. With the damage boosts at the end, we make it just in time to the second rotating platform without waiting. I was unable to save time by using damage boosts in different spots.
The rest of the tas is copied from any%.

Other comments

Memory: Thanks to my tasing partner fsvgm777 and to Zockerstu for their helpful RTA run.
fsvgm777: Much thanks to my TASing partner Memory.

Samsara: Judging!
Samsara: More fun Plok action, with enough differences in routing and level-based content to warrant a separate publication. With one single exception, a particularly rocky fella to be precise, the entertainment level either matches or exceeds the published any% run, so I'm accepting this to Moons as a new branch. What sauce!
Zinfidel: Plokcessing, again! (With encodes provided by ezgames69)

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