Submission #7041: TheKDX7's GBC Lucky Luke in 24:08.34

System Game Boy Color Emulator BizHawk 2.2.1
Game Version Europe Frame Count 86575
ROM Filename Lucky Luke (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es).gbc Frame Rate 59.77520518275021
Branch Rerecord Count 9245
Unknown Authors TheKDX7
Game Lucky Luke
Submitted by TheKDX7 on 3/6/2021 2:03:39 AM

Submission Comments
This is Lucky Luke's 4th TAS on GBC, I personally thought I wouldn't have to touch this game anymore, but an improvement was observed during the fight against Billy the Kid.


  • Emulator used : BizHawk 2.2.1 (Yes I started my TAS a while ago and on an old emulator version)
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Take damage to save time
  • Uses the hardest difficulty
  • Genre: plateform

Main improvement

After watching LoS's RTA WR, I noticed a comment that claimed to be able to shoot Billy the Kid multiple times in 1 cycle. Even though I thought I had tested this possibility, I could not believe it but after testing again, it seems that there is indeed a 6 frames window where the boss can still be hit. So, I thank SKATERAD420 for finding this improvement. I will also have to improve the 100% TAS but not immediately.

Stage by stage comments

Nothing Gulch

I don't know where I could lose 4 frames but probably a difference with the emulation?


Nothing change

Painful Gulch

I lost 1 frame but don't know what is the cause


Killing Billy the Kid in one cycle saved me it seems, ~390 frames.


Optimization in movements


Using a different strategy for taking damage in the area where I need to get the potion. The old strategy was to wait for the snake to let me into the tunnel and allow me to lose a heart on the second wall to explode. The new strategy is to take the damage directly from the snake and dodge the dynamite explosion field when the 2 walls are exploded. Still dashing to the left and putting the dynamite down at the first available frame to explode the wall, Lucky Luke would have taken damage, which would have killed me. But by stopping running for 2 frames and putting the dynamite on the next frame, it allows Lucky Luke to be positioned at a specific area on the x-axis that prevents me from taking damage from the explosion. and at the same time allows me to break the second wall. This allowed me to save ~50 frames.

Level by level frame saved

I consider the entrance of the level to be the first frame where we have Lucky Luke in the level and the end of the level the first frame where Lucky Luke raises his arm in the air.
Whether it is in the navigation in the menu to choose the difficulty, during certain levels or between levels, I noticed that I could lose 1, 2 or even 3 frames. Is this due to the accuracy of the emulator? It's possible. For example, in Nothing Gulch as well as Painful Gulch, I lost 2 frames in each of them, in the diligence level I did not have a loss. It's weird.
Level Frame gain(+)/lost(-)Total savedComment
Nothing Gulch (Entrance)-30Emulation's accuracy ?
Nothing Gulch (End)-20Emulation's accuracy ?
Diligence (Entrance)-20Emulation's accuracy ?
Diligence (End)00No time saved during the level
Painful Gulch (Entrance)-10Emulation's accuracy ?
Painful Gulch (End)-20Emulation's accuracy ?
Train (Entrance)-30Emulation's accuracy ?
Train (End)377377Kill the boss in 1 cycle
Saloon (Entrance)-1376Emulation's accuracy ?
Saloon (End)16392Better movements
Steppe (Entrance)-3389Emulation's accuracy ?
Steppe (End)50439Best strategy for taking damage
Bisons (Entrance)-2437Emulation's accuracy ?
Bisons (End)0437No time saved during the level
Ranch (Entrance)-1436Emulation's accuracy ?
Ranch (End)0436No time saved during the level
Rapids (Entrance)-3433Emulation's accuracy ?
Rapids (End)0433No time saved during the level
Cheyenne (Entrance)-2431Emulation's accuracy ?
Cheyenne (End)10441Better movements
Tornado (Entrance)-2439Emulation's accuracy ?
Tornado (End)0439No time saved during the level
Jail (Entrance)-2437Emulation's accuracy ?
Jail (End)4441Better movements


feos: Judging...
fsvgm777: Processing. EZGames69 is handling the encodes for this one.

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