Submission #7062: dekutony's DS Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force "A special message from Aunt Artic" in 00:16.78

Console Nintendo DS Emulator DeSmuME_0.9.9a_x64
Game Version USA Frame Count 1004
ROM Filename Club Penguin - Elite Penguin Force (USA) (Penguinz) (v1.0).nds Frame Rate 59.82609828808082
Branch A special message from Aunt Artic Rerecord Count 69
Unknown Authors dekutony
Game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Submitted by dekutony on 4/1/2021 1:57:02 AM

Submission Comments
this is a tas of the first of 2 dlc mission in epf. Aunt artic would be proud of me, i hope she was still here to see this.
This TAS is literally perfect. It's unbeatable. It's a masterpiece. My greatest achievement. This is what peak TASing looks like. The creative clicks I make, the frame perfect menuing. The sheer vast amount of rerecords at display. That ABSOLUTELY FAST textbox skipping. The execution is flawless. This TAS should be put in an art museum, a hall of fame. A "truly remarkable" speedrun. It definitely cannot be improved any further. That is all I have to say. Like, subscribe and hit that bell for more content like this one, thanks for watching. RIP Aunt Artic she will be missed.

Samsara: hey what's going on in this TAS gu- (gets banned from club penguin)
Samsara: (gets unbanned from club penguin) Aw, here it goes.
Samsara: I watched this TAS with a few of my aunts in order to get in the mood to judge it, and I have to say it was a miserable experience. My Aunt Hill mostly just kept talking about her house being infested, my Auntie Flag just kept talking about her punk band, and my Aunt Endec didn't even show up because she's busy presenting every show in Britain and being very sure to always stay on the right side of her partner. I couldn't fairly judge the run under those conditions, so I'm going to reject the run until I am in better conditions. See you in 2025! It wouldn't even be the first time I returned to an April Fools' Day judgement after 4 years!

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