Submission #7079: McBobX's GBA Mega Man Zero 3 "Be Ultimate" in 37:22.40

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA-RR v23.5
Game Version USA Frame Count 133933
ROM Filename Mega Man Zero 3 (U).gba Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Be Ultimate Rerecord Count 22566
Unknown Authors McBobX
Game Mega Man Zero 3
Submitted by McBobX on 4/1/2021 10:40:50 PM

Submission Comments
Be Ultimate or go home! Join to see how powerful Zero is when he is in Ultimate mo... Uh, you know what? Watch and enjoy.
20 minutes left though.
EDIT: Just kidding, it is not 20 minutes, it is 55 minutes

Samsara: Aw, here it goes.
Samsara: So, looking further into Ultimate Mode... It's essentially an unlockable New Game+ mode with bonus effects on top of that to make the game even easier:
"In Ultimate Mode, Zero starts with all Fusion Elves with permanent effects (such as the Elves that extend the life meter) already in use and without penalty in mission scores. Zero will also have a few body parts available from the start, including the Ultima Foot chip. Finally, Zero can use full-charge attacks instantly by means of simplistic button combos."
To me this just feels like it breaks the "No Cheats" rule, as it makes the game significantly easier in multiple ways. Rejecting for, essentially, cheat usage. Also there's no verification file so I have no way of playing it back in emulator, but it wouldn't change my decision if there was one.

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