Submission #713: Saturn's NES Rad Racer in 21:55.98

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version US v1.0 Frame Count 78959
ROM Filename Rad Racer (U).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 10369
Unknown Authors Saturn
Game Rad Racer
Submitted by Saturn on 6/10/2005 7:59:55 PM

Submission Comments
Recorded on FCE Ultra 0.98.12 (thanks to blip) Settings: default, NTSC
  • no warps or passwords used
  • no programming errors used
  • aiming for fastest possible time and score
  • total frames: 78959
Rad Racer is a racing game of the famous producer called "Square" who also made Chrono Trigger and many other top games later. The graphic is pretty nice (for NES conditions) with changing backgrounds even during a race. It also has the best speed feeling like no other NES racing game and therefore requires extremely fast reactions. The opponent cars of each course are different, from Lamborghini, over Porsche till Mercedes (you drive the famous Ferrari or a F1-Machine). This game is extremely hard to beat on normal conditions, since there are no continues at all (if you lose in course 8 you will start in course 1 again) thats why many players couldn't beat this game completely.
This movie shows a complete and perfect walkthrough of all 8 courses trying to finish them as fast as possible.
Here are the times and the final scores after each course: (note that the time is a countdown, so the higher the time the better)
  • Course 1 - 45 sec remaining, total score: 8687
  • Course 2 - 42 sec remaining, total score: 17303
  • Course 3 - 53 sec remaining, total score: 26105
  • Course 4 - 43 sec remaining, total score: 35143
  • Course 5 - 48 sec remaining, total score: 43918
  • Course 6 - 39 sec remaining, total score: 51887
  • Course 7 - 43 sec remaining, total score: 60444
  • Course 8 - 43 sec remaining, final score: 69433
To reach this times in normal conditions is by far impossible since I took so many risk everytime to keep the best speed. 1 Frame later reaction would mostly end with a crash!
In Course 3 and Course 8 I was exactly 1 frame to late to reach a 1 sec better time, in Course 8 I tried to redo everything as good as I could and spended the whole last day by trying to optimize this 1 stupid frame to reach a whole sec faster but without luck. But then I found out that I can manipulate the randomness a bit by pressing pause right before the finish and on this way I still managed to reach 43 sec instead of 42 in Course 8. I'm pretty sure that 44 sec is impossible (even theoretical) at least in the last course. Course 3 was to far away to redo everything afterwards so I let this one be.
Enjoy this crazy race-thrilling!

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