Submission #7140: EZGames69, Noxxa, KiwiCracker's A2600 Princess Rescue "deathless" in 06:21.46

Console Atari 2600 Emulator BizHawk 2.6.2
Game Version USA Frame Count 22858
ROM Filename PrincessRescue_Final_NTSC.bin Frame Rate 59.9227510135505
Branch deathless Rerecord Count 12574
Unknown Authors EZGames69, Noxxa, KiwiCracker
Game Princess Rescue
Submitted by KiwiCracker on 6/11/2021 2:20:45 PM

Submission Comments
This is an improvement by 66 frames over the published movie. I'll just keep the submission text as simple and short as the one of the currently published movie, since all improvements are minor optimizations.
Here are the timesaves:
StageFrames saved
Final Not Bowser fight3
(I hope I wrote all this down correctly)

Samsara: I'm an expert on rescuing princesses without dying, I feel like I should be judging this one.
Samsara: Due to my expertise, I can confirm that this movie adequately rescues a princess without dying. Accepting as an improvement to the published run. Because of significant entertainment dropoff, this is going to Vault.
fsvgm777: Processing.

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