Submission #7151: brunovalads, FractalFusion & I_have_no_name's NES The Wit in 03:48.46

Nintendo Entertainment System
(Submitted: The Wit.nes)
BizHawk 2.5.2
Submitted by FractalFusion on 6/24/2021 7:43 AM
Submission Comments
43-frame improvement to everyone's favorite cul-de-sac tracing game. Comparison encode:

Details about this submission

This is an NES demake of The Witness. Download the NES demake:
I added brunovalads as a coauthor since: (1) I modified the input in TAStudio directly from the published BK2, and (2) This submission wouldn't exist without brunovalads's original submission.
There aren't too many improvements, but I went with different routes (both overworld and puzzle panels) whenever it doesn't lose time. The improvements are:
  • I have no name's post (nice username by the way) with a better solution to one of the panels. 40 frames saved.
  • Different route in the upper left section having less lag. 1 frame saved.
  • Approaching a panel head-on in the upper right section. 1 frame saved.
  • Different route in the upper right section. 1 frame saved.

Secondary goal: Maximize the number of 90-degree turns.

To make things more interesting, I made a secondary goal aiming to maximize the number of 90-degree turns in the route (without losing time).
What counts as a 90-degree turn? You can see it tracked in the comparison encode, but a 90-degree turn is defined as: Immediate (within 3 frames) change from horizontal movement to vertical movement OR immediate change from vertical movement to horizontal movement. So:
  • 90-degree turns apply to both the overworld as well as the puzzle panels.
  • In the overworld, moving from a standstill, or turning on the spot to face a panel, does not count.
  • Turning the tracer into the "finish" spot counts.
Without losing time, I managed to finish with 315 turns, compared with the previous submission's 262.
P.S. I wasn't going to do this initially, but it bugs me to see such an obvious and easy-to-implement solution go unimplemented. No one else bothered to take advantage of such an easy opportunity for credit, and it's been almost a month. So I figured I would take the credit myself. Thanks everyone! (But thanks especially to I have no name for reporting this improvement.)
Edit: Added I have no name as a coauthor.

Samsara: I'd crack a joke here, but I'm feeling pretty wit.less at the moment. Judging.
Samsara: All the fun of tracing lines and making turns without the confusion of waking up in a daze next to a bottle of your own piss. Accepting as an improvement to the published run.
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