Submission #7187: Mars608, aiqiyou's NES Contra "2 players" in 08:37.63

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator fceux 2.20.20
Game Version JPN Frame Count 31109
ROM Filename Contra (J).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch 2 players Rerecord Count 88888
Unknown Authors Mars608, aiqiyou
Game Contra
Submitted by aiqiyou on 8/12/2021 1:27:17 PM

Submission Comments
Improved 8 frames in stage 4.
Amend re-record count with the new file.

Memory: judging
Memory: Replacing file with one with corrected rerecord count.
Since this is such a small improvement over the last TAS, there's really not much to say other besides nice work! I don't notice anything wrong so this is pretty much good to go.
Adding "2 players" to the branch title to match the current publication and accepting to obsolete [4312]NES Contra "2 players" by Mars608, aiqiyou in 08:37.76.
EZGames69: Processing

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