Submission #721: spezzafer's SNES Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island in 1:38:56.60

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version Frame Count 356196
ROM Filename Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island (U) (M3) (V1.0) [!] Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 105900
Unknown Authors spezzafer
Game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Submitted by spezzafer on 6/17/2005 2:48:04 AM

Submission Comments
Recorded nitsuja's awesome build of snes9x found here:
Uses WIP timing.
Aims for fastest time. Uses the warp in 2-1 to skip nearly 40 seconds of playtime.
Yoshi's Island is a vibrant, colorful and fun game that stars the popular Yoshi. Very flexible and loose control and many fun tricks maneuvers to make gameplay as entertaining as possible.
This is the fourth and final revision of the any% time attack of Yoshi's Island. The only other complete run was the second revision, this submission being 6 minutes faster. There are many changes from the last run (which only made it up to world 4).
The most useful technique which had only been discovered right after the 3rd revision is the acceleration 'glitch'. This is abused constantly throughout every level and has helped in many situations. Pressing left/right one frame and then pressing the opposite direction (whichever direction you are going) three frames increases acceleration; repeating this five times is the fastest method of acceleration.
Other noteworthy tricks I picked up on the way are with the shells, which make for entertaining manipulation; especially using them to 'climb walls' (especially in 2-1 and 4-3). Used the shells as jumping boosts to help get to those just-out-of-reach platforms without having to float. Grabbed a lot more coins and ended up getting 50 lives by the end of the game, since I put the occasional surplus of eggs to good use.
There's no longer any more of those irritating little hops I used so much in the older runs, however there is still a lot of jumping simply because there are a lot of slopes and inclines that must be avoided. I may have overdone it on the 'egg swapping' thing this time though, which I noticed became quite bothersome by world 3 so I toned it down a bit the rest of the way. I hope it doesn't give anyone a headache, but it shouldn't be too annoying since it's not monotonous like those jumps.
I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be making another revision, so if anyone finds any embarrassing faults with this one feel free to give it a shot yourself.
TIPS AND TRICKS (this is just a copy and paste from a text file I've been keeping)
FLOATING: release B button 3 (try 4 in some instances) frames before 'descent' sprite begins and wait 1 (try 2 in some instances) frames before holding the B button again
To reach higher ledges by use of floating just once, try releasing the B button at the right time (see above) rather than holding it down until Yoshi begins to float, as maximum height can only be reached in this manner.
ENEMY BOOST + PLATFORM TRICK: after jumping on an enemy, doing a perfectly timed jump off of certain platforms (WITH NO FLOAT/LANDING SPRITES IN BETWEEN) will not cancel the float boost; moving platforms work; anything will work as long as there aren't any float/landing sprites.
VARIOUS MECHANICS: Hitting potted plants with eggs moves them twice as fast as pushing, but only with a direct hit. Ricocheted eggs don't nearly have as much effect. weird glitch(?): ricochet an egg off of THE TOP of an egg block with a horizontal throw onto a pot and it breaks when it falls back down, without having to push it off of a ledge(???)...OR...hit it off screen at the very top edge (at the flowers) with a perfectly horizontal throw (???)...something to do with launching it high enough off the ground to register it as broken when it lands?
Release left/right direction and wait 2 frames before spitting out/making eggs.
Press B button 3 frames before landing on an enemy (ie.collision 'explosion') for maximum height.
Yoshi can take a hit without stalling (save for grabbing back baby mario) if perfectly timed jumps are done in between.
When hitting egg blocks on the fly, use the upward tongue grab the egg rather than backwards jumping and grabbing from behind.
Getting at least one red coin will lose you ~30 frames at the goal tally-up; getting a flower will be another ~30. Each extra item will cost one frame each.
Alternating between A and B turbo (rather than just a single turboed button) exits level intro titles much faster. It's also easier and saves rerecords on the world map when choosing a level; wherever input is accepted by both A and B it's very useful. Pressing down can also get through dialogue, so turbo down with A.
EGG SWAPPING: Switch between different eggs in Yoshi's egg stock by simply cancelling the targetting with 'Y'.
USING MONKEYS OR SHELLS AS PORTABLE JUMPING PLATFORMS: Try ricocheting koopa shells off of a wall after getting a jump boost from an enemy and jumping on the shell for another jump boost. The monkey or shell must be spit UPWARD. NOTE: monkeys only work in some circumstances and may not need to be used at all.
After ricocheting a shell off of a wall, swallow it immediately before jumping on it and you will gain a boost with the shell in your mouth! Repeat for as much needed! Shell must be jumped on at the very edge; otherwise simultaneous swallowing and jumping won't be possible. Infinite jump boosts will only work with shells, not monkeys.
JUMPING: press B button 4 frames before Yoshi lands (ie.landing sprite) for a perfectly timed jump. When jumping off of slopes, this is important to prevent speed decrements. If a jump off of a slope cannot be done 4 frames before landing (and sometimes must be done 3 frames before) Yoshi will lose speed; try to modify the previous jump to easily fix it.
LONG JUMPING: Sometimes Yoshi can jump through narrow passages/entrances and 'squeeze' through enemies and other obstacles by holding down the B button no longer than necessary (so Yoshi will not get hit or run into the side of the ledge), releasing it for as long as needed until the B button can be held again without any collisions to stay off ground for a little longer (without any floating); this can only be done if Yoshi is NOT falling, and is still increasing height. Can't really jump any further, just at a shorter 'arch'.
ACCELERATION: Get a faster acceleration at the beginning of an level or level area (also with jumping arrows) by pressing the OPPOSITE direction on the dir.pad and the B button at the same time for 1 frame and then holding the desired direction 3 frames...repeat 5 times to reach full speed. Actually, jumping isn't necessary; this works on the ground too.
ENEMIES: Green piranha plants can be passed through very briefly if they are stunned with an egg. Crabs can be destroyed with three eggs. The 3-4 midboss can be destroyed in 7 hits if targetted on the root of the uvula; hitting the base would take 15.
TRY TO AVOID RUNNING THROUGH "CLOAKED WALLS" AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Obvious instances include those in 2-2 and the beginning of the last area of 4-7.

Bisqwit: Processing.

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