Submission #7266: Spikestuff's DS Crimson Room in 10:12.01

(Link to video)
Console Nintendo DS Emulator BizHawk 2.7
Game Version JPN Frame Count 36614
ROM Filename 1935 - Crimson Room (Japan).nds Frame Rate 59.82609828808082
Branch Rerecord Count 0
PowerOn Authors Spikestuff
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by Spikestuff on 12/8/2021 1:47:22 PM

Submission Comments
Nothing major really, just due to the new DS core in Hawk I decided to relook at the title, and found basically what would be menuing like improvements.
Pressing A button instead of touching the screen everywhere, and rotating between that and touching which saves some frames depending on the Room/Chamber.
Used the IGT timers to actually compare for improvement time.
  • Crimson Room - 19 Frames
    • Fact: The fastest code you can get is 6900/9006 but takes a long ass time to get.
  • Viridian Room - 3 Frames
  • Blue Chamber - 7 Frames
  • White Chamber - 31 Frames
Screenshot Suggestion: Bone Daddy.

fsvgm777: Fixed platform ID.
Samsara: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reuse this:
Samsara: Rejecting because you didn't get the 6900 combination Accepting as an improvement to the published run. The changed time is due to this run having been submitted before the parser was updated for BizHawk DS runs - They were being treated as NES submissions, using the NES framerate. This has been fixed, and the submission time is now accurate to DS framerate.

EZGames69: Processing...

Samsara: Setting to Delayed at the author's request.

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