Submission #7281: Rm's Linux A Virtuous Run in 01:04.28

Console Linux Emulator libTAS 1.4.2
Game Version unknown Frame Count 3857
ROM Filename A_Virtuous_Run.x86_64 Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 727
Unknown Authors Rm
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by Rm on 12/30/2021 6:05:49 AM

Submission Comments
For this TAS, libTAS 1.4.2 was used on the Linux port of the game "A Virtuous Run" developed by Kiwi, which is a short free first person 3D platformer published on The game was TASed to reach the ending of it as fast as possible which is done by not helping anyone in the game despite the game telling you time and time again to aid them (as funny as it sounds, this is true).
By doing this I found a few interesting bugs beneficial to a speedrun in the game. One of them is by jumping and moving forward while slightly below the edge of the left or right side of a block, as it will allow you to gain more speed than regularly jumping forward on a block and this bug will allow you to jump forward as if you are jumping forward on a solid block when you are really below the edge of one.
Proof of Concept(s):
It's a bit hard to notice at first because of the low framerate this gif is in, but if you look closely, you can see that the player accelerates after jumping off the edge of the block and continues moving as if the player passed a regular, solid block.
Another bug is by continuously jumping after jumping forward off below the edge of a side of a block, you are able to retain that speed until you stop continuously jumping.
From the previous gif where I jumped below the edge of the left side of a block, I keep the speed by continuously jumping along a narrow platform.
And lastly, by jumping off the edge of an upward slope while facing towards it in a precise manner, it is possible to gain more speed than regularly jumping off an upwards slope either by gaining and using all speed beforehand on the slope or gaining speed but stopping on the slope for a brief moment then jumping forward on it (faster than gaining and using all speed beforehand on the slope)
As you can see here, the player gains extra speed in the later frames of the gif when applying the trick than before applying it when moving forward on the slope. (Also hard to tell because of the low framerate on the gif)
Overall, I am proud of this Tool-Assisted speedrun but many improvements can be made as the player camera wobbles a lot sometimes due to me jumping forward while hesitating with the arrow keys on where to land on a platform. This is wobble is very imminent throughout the TAS and a large portion of it featuring the wobble can probably be smoother, and I feel as if I was not exactly precise on a little bit of this run since for some savestates the difficulty of me advancing from one platform to another was somewhat overshadowed from then retrying and loading those same savestates many times to be completely sure they are as perfect as theoretically possible.

feos: Replaced the movie with the one that has annotations and is properly trimmed.

slamo: Claiming for judging.

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