Submission #7306: tcu's NES Rockman 2: Basic Master in 22:30.14

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Nintendo Entertainment System
(Submitted: Rockman 2 Basic Master)
FCEUX 2.2.3
Submitted by tcu on 1/23/2022 12:47:07 PM
Submission Comments

Game Comments

This game is a modified hack based on Mega Man 2. It was released in 2017 without a version notation, and became version 1.2 in 2021 with major content changes. This TAS mainly focuses on the warp bug caused by Gemini Time (Geminiman's weapon),and the increased movement speed from Snake Buster (Snake Man's weapon) to advance through the stage as fast as possible.

Major changes

  • All levels, tiles
  • All bosses
  • All enemies (including some AI-only changes)
  • All special weapons
  • All music
  • Initial equipment of items 1, 2, 3 and energy balancer
  • Added the ability to escape the stage from the weapon screen

Game objectives

  • Complete the game as soon as possible.
  • Emulator used : FCEUX 2.2.3

What to do for the achievement

  • Take advantage of the special weapon bug
  • Manipulate your luck
  • Take damage to save time

Movie Comments

Boss selection order

To get a weapon that can perform the warp bug, start with Geminiman. Thereafter, you will go around in order of weakness: Snake, Flame, Plug, Blade, Tornado, Ring, and Stone.

Geminiman Stage

Damage boost in the middle of the stage. The boss can attack the most when it acts to go back and forth on the ground, so choose a pattern in which this action occurs a lot.

Gemini Time

Apart from attacking with bullets in eight directions, you can generate an invincible and freely controllable alter ego by pressing select. Press Start to release your alter ego on the frame when the screen scrolls. You can use this bug to warp your ship to the location where the alter was. This bug can be used to cause movement through walls.

Snake Man Stage

Move to the bottom of the screen at the beginning of the stage, then take out your alter ego, and move underground for a while after the next screen.    

Snake Buster

In addition to the bullet attack, which will automatically and instantly land on enemies in the screen, you can molt by pressing select. You can increase your movement speed up to two levels. From now on, you will always be able to shed your skin, except in some stages.

Flame Man Stage

Immediately after the start of the stage, molt twice to increase your movement speed to the maximum. In the middle of the stage, he will recover weapon energy while going through walls. An energy balancer will simultaneously recover your Snake Buster.

Flame Candle

Apart from attacking with bullets in three directions, you can change the color of the candle by pressing select
  • Green : Invincible
  • Red : Gradual weapon energy recovery

Plugman Stage

Since the damage to the boss is greater if you hit the candle itself, you can overlap and contact the boss yourself.

Blademan Stage

The weak point of Plug Thunder is slow and causes a processing error, so fire it after approaching the boss at the edge of the screen.

Tornado Man Stage

Nothing worth mentioning.

Ring Man Stage

Use Item #2 at the end of the stage to prevent falling after exiting the wall.

Item No. 2

When equipped, the current Y coordinate becomes the floor, and you can move freely up, down, left, right, and diagonally. Used only in the Ringman stage in this TAS.

Stoneman Stage

You can't molt continuously because objects remain on the screen. Also, since it is difficult to benefit from the increased speed due to the continuous down-scrolling, shedding will be postponed. Also, this stage has a feature that increases the movement speed from the start, and with the increase in speed due to the shedding, it is quite fast.

Stone Quake

Generates a vertical quake that damages all enemies in the screen. Up to two small HP Energy or small Weapon Energy will appear at random when used.

Wily Stage 1

At the beginning of the stage, the Stone Quake will generate items and the enemies will drop them. Restore all of Snake Buster's weapon energy. This is to ensure that you have enough energy to molt in the next stage.

Wily Stage 2

In the middle of the stage, use the Flame Candle's invincibility to pass over the spikes. Also, due to the warp bug, the transfer of the pattern table didn't finish. The boss's graphics are messed up.

Wily Stage 3

Use item #1 right after the start of the stage to get the W can and Snake Buster to heal to full health, and then molt immediately.

Item #1

Calls Eddie to a position a short distance in front of you and causes him to generate an item. After appearing, inputting the up and down keys will change the item generated.
  • Up : L can
  • Bottom : W can
Used only in Wily Stage 3 in this TAS.

Wily Stage 4

The entire stage has a short lateral walk time, so no shedding is done as it wastes time.

Wily Stage 5

Execute the stage escape command at the start to recover all weapon energy to the maximum. After the rematch with Ringman, recover weapon energy while warping to recover the Snake Buster, the weak point of the next boss.

Wily Stage 6

In the third stage of the final boss, fight Stone Quake while recovering his energy.

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