Submission #7309: MrTASer's NES Super Bob in 01:58.69

(Link to video)
Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator BizHawk 2.7
Game Version unknown Frame Count 7133
ROM Filename SuperBob.nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 1188
PowerOn Authors MrTASer
Submitted by MrTASer on 1/24/2022 7:27:32 AM

Submission Comments
A TAS of a rom hack of NES Super Mario Bros. It was being speedrunned and TASed by so many peoples, hence, I also tried it. Also, the hack is completed and can be found on You can find its IPS Patch in the comments section of this video :

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: Cleared the branch label, we don't use "any%" in branch labels.
feos: Delaying until Playground rules are defined for hacks, because supporting overly obscure hacks is non-trivial.
feos: Judging again...
feos: This record has been beaten by 12 frames (movie length difference is 11 frames, but in FCEUX gameplay starts 1 frame later due to emulation differences). Rejecting.

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