Submission #7431: Frame, RSw, homerfunky, sm64expert, galoomba, Superdavo0001 & Somebro's N64 Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition "157 Stars" in 1:55:31.37

(Link to video)
Console Nintendo 64 Emulator mupen64 1.0.10 (TAS Emulators Github version)
Game Version USA Frame Count 415882
ROM Filename 74EEVEfinal.ext8.z64 Frame Rate 60
Branch 157 Stars Rerecord Count 375134
PowerOn Authors Frame, RSw, homerfunky
(Additionally: sm64expert, galoomba, Superdavo0001, Somebro)
Game Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition
Submitted by Frame on 4/9/2022 10:23:21 PM

Submission Comments
This is a ROM Hack of Super Mario 64(U)[!] that aims to provide additional challenges to the game, featuring 157 new stars. The hack is designed for play on emulator, and requires the usage of specific graphics plugins to display correctly; The one I tested the run with was glN64 (mupen64's default choice iirc). A reset is done ~32 minutes into the run to avoid an issue with a broken AI path later in the run.
The ROM filename is as retrieved from the "Release Trailer" Youtube video for the hack, though for legal reasons it is recommended now to patch a US Super Mario 64 ROM with the following patch file:
I have also already uploaded a low quality "encode" to my Youtube channel already, which can be seen here:

GoddessMaria: Claiming for judging.
GoddessMaria: So this had me a bit... conflicted. There is already a Super Mario 74 movie published on the site... and then there's this one of Extreme Edition... Both runs aim to collect every Star in the game and both being of difficulty hacks by design. The level designs are also similar to each other with the latter being altered to be even more difficult than the former. On those grounds, I was inclined to obsolete the SM74 movie with this one.
...however, there is merit to having both together side by side. True, Extreme Edition does bolster more to collect and has techniques for the newly imposing challenges that haven't been used in the other one. It's different enough that it would be fine to have two in tandem with one another. The audience response to this one was also overall positive.
EZGames69: It'll be awhile before I can get to this, but processing...
Samsara: Hacks were recently allowed as standard publications. Changing intended class to reflect that change. I've also updated the authors list, as two authors originally listed as "additional" are registered to TASvideos.

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