Submission #7439: Spikestuff & Scepheo's DS Myst in 01:12.61

Nintendo DS
BizHawk 2.8.0
Submitted by Spikestuff on 4/12/2022 5:19 PM
Submission Comments
I should've requested for a delay, should've done it. Now we get to live with this Mystake together.
Don't provide an encode. Just watch the Publication, and the info from the other Submission, it's the same... bar one.
I'm going to explain 3 movements, the middle one is done, as the other two either wastes time, or isn't a zip (I swear if there's a zip I'm going to scream) .
  • Looking towards the Sunken Ship.
  • Looking back towards the Library (going towards the Spaceship).
  • Looking towards the Library after facing the Log Cabin.
This zip, when you look and compare it, looks like it saves nothing.
It saves 3 frames.
Oh and the other 2 frames comes from in the Library probably related to this, idk I'm just flabbergasted by my own stupidity.

feos: Claiming for judging.

EZGames69: Processing...
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