Submission #744: MattyXB's GB Balloon Kid in 29:10.60

Console Game Boy Emulator VBA
Game Version Japan/USA/Europe Frame Count 105036
ROM Filename Balloon Kid (JUE) [!].gb Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 3469
Unknown Authors MattyXB
Game Balloon Kid
Submitted by MattyXB on 7/9/2005 3:28:17 PM

Submission Comments
Emulator used: VBA-rerecording-9
  • Aims for the fastest time
  • Never die
  • Use Glitches & Tricks
Balloon Kid is a autoscrolling game, where you normaly fly with Balloons. I try here to play it in a different way, a much more interesting way. I use as less Balloons as possible. So I jump often from bird to bird, fish to fish, spider to spider or through spikes and fire. Sometimes there is no other way then the Balloon, because the next save place is to far away. So I must use sometimes Balloons. I try too to catch as less Balloons as possible, because it save some Frames after done a Stage. Sometimes it is maybe possible to catch not so much Balloons, when I just use a Balloon and fly. But my first priority in this game is to use Ballons as less as possible. So I catch some Balloons more. But it looks much better then just use Balloon and fly over or under these Balloons.
Fastest time is no big problem, because its an automatic scrolling game. So at the end from every Stage I must only at the left side and end every Stage as fast as possible. I must too defeat the Boss enemies as fast as possible. So I test the Frames, where I can hit the Boss at the first time. Werewolf is no big problem here. The Fish is more the problem, because you can hit him earlier, but then you will not land on the save place anymore and die. So I must wait, when the fish is high enough and I will land again on the save place. Maybe it goes faster, when you use Balloons here, but my first priority is, only Balloons when there is no other way. By the Snowman I must wait, that he throw his helm away, then I can jump on his head. And finally the Robot, there I must wait, till he show his head and open his mouth. So I hit him as fast as possible and you will not see, that he open his mouth.
I found out some nice Tricks and Glitches while doing this run. In one Stage I destroy the Balloon and can now walk through the crabs without get hit. This help me to catch no Ballons, because I must not jump over the crabs. The much more interesting Glitch which I found out can you see in Stage 7 & 8. There I jump from spike to spike without die. Normaly you die when you jump onto the spikes. But I found out, when you jump as fast as possible again, you will not die, just jump again. Same work too in Stage 8 in the fire. I can jump through the firs without dieing, because I jump as fast as possible again.
The hard part from this game is the controlling. She run so fast and slide long, when you stop running. And flying is to not easy. So this movie looks maybe not astetic, but its hard to control and move the girl how you want.

Truncated: Hmm. No. The autoscrolling is bad enough, but you don't manage to do something interesting while waiting... mainly you just run back and forth. It's too long and too slow. If the game hadn't been autoscrolling, then perhaps Balloon kid without balloons would have been a fun idea, but at the moment it's not. I'm rejecting this submission.

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