Submission #7482: Technickle's SNES Stone Protectors in 17:22.17

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Console Super NES Emulator Bizhawk 2.8
Game Version JPN Frame Count 62633
ROM Filename Stone Protectors (Japan) (Proto).sfc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 91646
PowerOn Authors Technickle
Submitted by Technickle on 5/14/2022 2:15:57 AM

Submission Comments

Movie Goals

  • Uses Bizhawk 2.8
  • Plays Easiest Difficulty (Faster)
  • Takes Intentional Damage to Save Time
  • Goes for Fastest Completion
  • Abuses Programming Errors (Hitbox Mic Toss Glitch)
  • Manipulates RNG (Bosses)
  • Uses 1 Character in a 2 Player Game
  • Genre: Beat'em Up

Why (Proto)?

  • It's not actually a Prototype, although it's labeled in the file as such. Both non (Proto) and (Proto) files are identical and have no difference between them.

Stone Protectors Backstory:

  • Stone Protectors is a video game based on the short-lived TV show, that got its own action figure line, which was also short-lived and overshadowed, by TMNT. The video game adaption wasn't half bad, where the premise is to defeat the main villain of the game 'Zok' whose goal is to take all of the crystals from Mythradir and use them for evil. The Stone Protectors is a group that was just a normal rock band, known as the Rock Detectors. They are transformed into strong troll-like people by the powers of the crystals and form a new group called the Stone Protectors. Each member has their differences, however, only one member will be used.

What's New?

  • Welcome to the 'highly anticipated' improvement, to the previous Stone Protectors TAS. This TAS showcases over 1 minute and 6.38 seconds of improvements to the 18:28 movie submission. In this updated improvement, I'll be defeating, bosses not only quicker but, using a tactful glitch that will allow me to get inside of the enemies' hitboxes, by swinging a microphone. Yes, you did read that correctly, swinging a microphone. If you've kept up reading so far, you might be puzzled by the fact that a microphone can do such wondrous things. In this game, I'll be playing a character named Cornelius, the group's leader. Cornelius is the Singer of the group, so naturally, it's normal for such a character to have such weaponry. The official name is "Cornelius the Samurai", but, no "Samurai" things will be used, although I guess in retrospect the microphone kinda sorta acts like nun-chucks so, it could make sense.

Weapons & What They Do

  • Nun-Chucks ~ highly powerful when used correctly and for the right purpose. This is the sole basis of this run, where I'll be swinging the microphone as close as I can to enemies who will use some of my health. Getting inside of enemies' hitboxes can also take their health away as well, which I'll consider more of a trade of sorts. Each swing is tactfully used to do the most damage in the shortest amount of time possible. Having some bosses be immobile the entire fight, or some jumping sporadically trying their best to get somewhere to get a hit on me, although it will never work.
  • Ultra-Sonic Vocal Reverb ~ Used sparingly, and correctly, the Ultra-Sonic Vocal Reverb is great at getting rid of enemies who are further away to which the microphone Toss wouldn't be able to reach and or be slower. Now here is to say that while it's pretty effective at getting rid of enemies in one go, it certainly lasts a long time, (183 frames to be exact). While the most annoying move to listen to, it's, unfortunately, one of the 'quicker' moves to use alongside Microphone Toss.

Version Differences

  • USA version loses 168 frames from intro to loading into level 1
  • JPN version saves 168 frames from intro to loading into level 1

Can Different Screens be Skipped: E.G: "Get Ready"

  • Unfortunately, no from what I've tested, I've tried pressing every button on both controller 1 and controller 2, and sometimes even just holding all the buttons, and nothing.

Why Do Enemies Die Quicker than Others?

  • If the PFP of their character sprite gets all messed up with different colors than the normal ones, it's because they die as soon as they're spawned in, and the ones that are already spawned in will die slightly less fast. There is no way to always have both quicker, but, sometimes it works.


  • Zink (snowy and cold)
  • Gem Extractor (Zink, but, mechanically smart)
  • Lava Boss (when you're hot, you're hot)
  • Tackle Jackle (WOW SPORTSBALL)
  • Wraith (Uhhh Where?)
  • Frank (Candidly)
  • Zink 2 (very original, very upset).
  • Sucker Puncher (Boxer at Heart)
  • Predatron (Doctor/Inventor ... or something)
  • Zok (The person that caused all the mess)


  • Level 1: 5770 (29 frames can be saved, but, worsens the boss fight, which causes it to be slower by about 50 frames)
  • Level 2: 10608 (none here)
  • Level 3: 15735 (2 or 3 frames can be saved before the boss, but, makes the boss fight worse)
  • Level 4: 20257 (more frames can be saved here by killing the enemy to the right than the left, but, takes longer to walk to the right before Tackle Jackle and worsens the fight).
  • Level 5: 25480 (none here)
  • Level 6: 31526 (none here)
  • Level 7: 38671 (21 frames can be saved, but, the boss fight is slower by 36 frames afterward)
  • Level 8: 48435 (none here)
  • Level 9: 55406 (Punches are timed for specific attacks from Predatron in order to use the mic toss glitch)
  • Level 10: 62633 (none here)

SHA1: F408B6132E88BB9CDCB6FBB7DCB41723F88FE76D

End Thoughts/Comments:

  • Each level is at its limits with the current strats, I've tried to improve it, but, can't, even if I try to (The 'Levels' list is good reasoning). Hopefully, it's up to quality standards & I hope you enjoy it! :)

Suggested Screenshots:

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