Submission #7497: Daelixx's Genesis Shadowrun in 31:23.76

Console Sega Genesis Emulator BizHawk 2.8
Game Version USA Frame Count 112880
ROM Filename Shadowrun (U) [!].bin Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch Rerecord Count 3657
PowerOn Authors Daelixx
Game Shadowrun
Submitted by Daelixx on 5/21/2022 6:36:28 AM

Submission Comments
What's the point? To go fast. This was my first attempt at a TAS. What did I use? BizHawk 2.8
This route is similar to a standard play route, but with luck manipulation to have almost no unnecessary random encounters, a joke of a Matrix run, and only gargoyles or hellhounds for the necessary drops on those quests. I come up a point short on Karma, so I forced a fast delivery run for the 18th point I need to get 4 Reputation.
There are no major skips or glitches I am aware of for the game. Sometimes it seems as if I shoot or cast spells for no reason or sit and wait for a bit of time doing nothing, these are intentional to adjust the Random Number Generator in specific ways for the purposes of the run. We fire our hired runners and die to warp out of areas occasionally. The glitches used here are:
  • A retreat bug in the Matrix allowing me to bypass the ICE on the CPU without even installing a program on the cyberdeck.
  • A bug that causes Ilene Two-Fists to be rescued by just speaking to the guard at the Correctional Facility.
The run could likely be made a bit faster by earning the 18th Karma point along the way without an extra run, or with tighter routing which could effect the RNG. Given the luck manipulation available, I'd like to try with a Decker to rob the Matrix blind and buy my way through the game, possibly hitting the CHERNOBYL side quest in the process.

Samsara: Sick, I love running in the shadows. Judging.
Samsara: First, I've replaced the submission file with a truncated version that stops at the last input needed to reach the credits. No input was changed.
Second, I'll fully admit I can't quite tell what's happening in this game, but everything I'm seeing looks solid. There's some occasional weirdness with the movement, but at least some of that's explained by the game itself turning characters slowly. I can't help but think the movement could be executed a little tighter, though. There's also some 30hz A button mashing during fights, which is generally frowned upon as it's guaranteed to lose frames, but that's nowhere near a rejectable mistake on its own. Fixing these things can come in another version, should you decide to make one (please do!). What's here right now is definitely good enough.
I think this is a great first effort of a game people have been wanting to see TASed since 2006, and I'm definitely hoping to see more out of you in the future! Accepting!
Note to Publishers: The credits have to be manually advanced through. I've provided an alternate file that slowly advances through the credits for publication purposes.

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