Submission #7551: Spikestuff's Flash Submachine 1: the Basement in 00:33.04

(Link to video)
Console Adobe Flash Emulator libTAS v1.4.3 // ruffle-nightly-2022-06-07
Game Version unknown Frame Count 826
ROM Filename submachine_1.swf Frame Rate 25
Branch Rerecord Count 1077
PowerOn Authors Spikestuff
Submitted by Spikestuff on 6/21/2022 1:40:17 PM

Submission Comments
Also that's how the title is stylized. Enjoy pain Encoders/Publishers.
Game version is v5 as a note.
The Submachine series is a series of point and click escape room made by Mateusz Skutnik. This is the first entry in the series which was originally titled as "Submachine".
Much like other escape room type games you're given basically no clues, figure it out yourself and escape.

What the TAS does differently

There's 2 rooms that are avoided in this TAS both next to one another conveniently.
A room that has 3 pistons, and need to be realigned, and a coin that tells you the combination.
The piston is avoided as at the bottom of map there are 3 circles, within those circles are lines, optimally you want 3 horizontal lines to not touch anything and bust a pipe.
Knowing the coin combination is strictly TASonly, and has been manipulated (as well with the pistons) to give the combo I actually need, in this case 1722 (System time 38).
Setting the System Time to 123 seconds gives a great 6 input code 1311. However, cause of the radio taking its sweet ass time with the spoon this saves nothing.
The TAS was initially made on a modified flash file to see every room that the game will continuously hide when entering 2 after.
Thankfully everything syncs between the two.

Info Teddy: Claiming for judging.

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