Submission #7597: Clicher's Arcade Tron in 07:52.17

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Console Arcade Emulator MAME-RR-0.139-v0.1-beta
Game Version unknown Frame Count 14165
ROM Filename Frame Rate 30
Branch Rerecord Count 1767
PowerOn Authors Clicher
Submitted by Clicher on 7/16/2022 5:55:01 PM

Submission Comments
This is the arcade game TRON. Based off of the movie by Disney, the player controls our protagonist on a mission to beat all the levels, and escape the game. This TAS finishes all levels, which requires about 12 loops. The last level (USER), will repeat indefinitely upon completion. The following information shows what is needed to run this TAS, and the next shows some useful information about said TAS.
  • checksum is a06efeadd89cc6031094dde4a2b41e775f847b4d
  • No BIOS required Some ROMsets come with a that does not include the sound driver for the game (82s123.12d). If you're missing this, you require the MIDWAY SSIO SOUND BOARD file called Unzip it, then move it into the romset.
  • No additional settings have to be changed
Goal of this section is simple: Trap and destroy the other bikes. This is done in a variety of ways as the game progresses (Stage 5 is the MVP)
Same as bike, but you have to obliterate your opponent with bullets instead of trapping. Sometimes tanks will appear, and other times recognizers will (Move faster but cannot shoot).
Get to the other side of the cone by destroying the barrier in the way. The TAS closes in on the barrier and shoots as fast as it can, swerving the player directly through while avoiding the wall, and explosions (the cone's fragments can apparently kill you as well). Done faster as bullet restrictions become less strict (Until level 3, you can only have 1 or 2 bullets on screen at a time).
Flashing Circle
Get to the circle while avoiding the spiders that block it. The TAS closes in on the wall surrounding the circle as close as it can without running into it. I chose to end each level with this due to its cinematic ending.
I find it very sad that our protagonist never truly escapes, but at least he made his best effort at it.

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: Cleared the branch since it's implied.
feos: Some individual rooms were a bit slower than in another TAS I found (namely tanks in levels 1, 2, 3, and 7, and bikes in level 3), but nothing major, and each level in this submission is still faster (bikes here are especially good compared to the other run). Nothing sticks out as sloppy either.
While we don't demand that difficulty is exhausted in games without an ending, this guide provides tons of details about different enemy patterns across levels, so this movie beats all unique content in the game as well as maxes out the difficulty.

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feos: Fixed capitalization to match how MAME calls it.

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