Submission #7601: MrTASer & Samsara's A7800 Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days in 12:44.75

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Console Atari 7800 Emulator BizHawk 2.8.0
Game Version unknown Frame Count 45826
ROM Filename knightguyRC1-1.a78 Frame Rate 59.9227510135505
Branch Rerecord Count 12294
PowerOn Authors MrTASer, Samsara
Submitted by Samsara on 7/17/2022 11:58:33 PM

Submission Comments
Samsara: Oh hey, hi, I did a thing while judging.
The game is freely and homebrewly available here on AtariAge.

Major Improvements

Boss fights! Half of the bosses were improved through optimized or even entirely different strategies. The bulk of the improvement was on the crushy head boss through some sikk wall stratz:
Rushy skull boss was improved through better management of its HP, octopus boss was improved by skipping the first tentacle, and twin flying skull boss was improved through a bit more aggression.

Minor Improvements

There's about a second of movement improvements over the course of the run, usually involving ladders and usually only coming in 1 or 2 frames at a time. The biggest movement improvement is probably right at the very beginning, pushing the box slightly farther in order to grab the ladder higher, saving about 10 frames. The most common is using ladders to get a tiny boost forward.

I swear everything in this game is specifically placed and created so it is either barely out of reach when going as fast as possible or literally a single frame away from being viable and I don't think that's intentional but LORD IT SURE FELT LIKE IT WHEN WORKING ON THIS


Closing Thoughts

This is a separate submission because a fair chunk of the run is different due to the resyncing process. The rest of these comments were copy-pasted from #7568: MrTASer's A7800 Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days in 13:02.56, as the majority of the run is still that submission.
Enjoy a thing!

This is an Atari 7800 Homebrew created by Vladimir Zúñiga

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.8
  • Aims for fastest completion.
  • Also uses a shortcut to get fastly to the entrance of the castle while escape.


This game is a platforming game. We have to proceed in this game Room-by-Room. There are a total of 8 Boss Fights (including the final dragon). We have to save our kitty (in this case) which is kidnapped by the Evil Dragon by going in the castle and fighting him. This game mostly works on Level Cycles, which was good because I have to improve this TAS a ton of times.....
Major desyncing stages are : Room-2 ; Room-51 (OctopusBOSS) ; Room-76 (ManagedToGetThroughPoizonDrop) ; Room-92 (KnightBOSS).
Only 1 frame of jump is required to attain full height. We can only jump on alternate frames. Sometimes odd, sometimes even. It can be changed by jumping at a place which allows full height jumps to land on the ground on even frame (By jumping from an odd frame).
Download the RAM Addresses from Only the jump timer address is helpful. Others aren't correct.

Comments for some of the Rooms (levels)

Room 4

The snake observed above the platform must be killed after taking the sword and defeating the first Boss to go through it and grab the key.

Room 10 - Boss-1

Just get the sword and then run towards the boss to hit him. Each hit makes him change his position. Takes 10 hits

Room 6

Broke the floor to get faster exit while returning to later levels.

Room 16

This type of room will be appearing in the game many times. We have to jump above the second spike-ball barely touching it*. Sometimes, only 2 jumps in the room will result us getting bumped at the end wall. To prevent it, we have to make one jump in between these two jumps so that our jumping alternation varies. It leads us to jump one frame before the bumping jump frame.

Room 25 - Boss-2

This Boss falls in specific interval of time. We can hit him atmost 3 times. In fourth attempt, it was defeated.

Room 30

Going up to get the key to open the door near the ladder.

Room 45

Got the key and returning to Room 30 to open the door near the ladder.

Room 31

The switch opens the chain before the water Room entrance.

Room 58

A roof clipping glitch was found by accident. Just this input {A _ _ A _ A _ A}. Sadly, this glitch did'nt worked in other levels.

Room 70

After the Boss Fight, the switch enables the BALLOON in Room 65.

Room 65

I went far towards left to prevent hitting the obstacle.

Room 78

Had to go extra-left for giving some time to crocs to settle down.

Room 95

Fell that box to get key out of it.

Room 99

Got the kitty and escaping before the castle is cursed.

Room 66

Going to Room 67 to take advantage of the shortcut path.

Room ??

Got towards the ( ? ) block and press DOWN as soon as possible to teleport to Room 37.

Other comments

  • The flickering of the sword means that I'm leaving "R" or "L" button for couple of frames
  • I thank the maker of this game for making such a good game. When I started playing it to check the physics and other mechanics, I can't stop playing it.

slamo: Claiming for judging.

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