Submission #7612: brunovalads's GBC Capybara Quest "All Yuzus" in 08:26.95

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Console Game Boy Color Emulator BizHawk 2.8
Game Version any v1.0 Frame Count 30279
ROM Filename Capybara Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch All Yuzus Rerecord Count 9633
PowerOn Authors brunovalads
Submitted by brunovalads on 7/24/2022 3:41:53 AM

Submission Comments
Who doesn't like capybaras?
Capybara Quest is a GBC homebrew by Maxthetics, in which you must hop, climb and avoid enemies in a pastel world to rescue your baby stolen by a criminal pelican.

Normal encode

Speedrun premises and general strats

  • This branch intends to take all Yuzus, a collectible fruit inside each level. The game is short and easy, so it's more interesting showing the strats to take them all;
  • Crouching can make the game lag a bit, specially when uncrouching, and sometimes when you have to crouch you can try delaying the uncrouch to mysteriously avoid the lag frame;
  • If you can reach a ladder at the peak of a jump, better climbing it at this moment, otherwise it's faster to start climbing your Y speed is -0x10 (since climbing speed is -0x10);
  • Ladders can be unclimbed to the platform on the side earlier than you'd think: just need to have your feet above the 8th pixel of the block;
  • Capybara's hitbox is indeed smaller when crouching, so that may help during tight maneuver around solid tiles and enemies;
  • Early Level End: the level ends much earlier (9~11 frames earlier) if you hit the flag right in the corner, with a 3-frames jump;
  • Taking damage then getting the flag is way faster, since it will be already preparing to (re)load the level;
  • Ceiling Clip: you can clip the ceiling by jumping and crouching and uncrouching on the right time;
  • When you pause (69 total frames necessary), your X and Y speeds are set to 0x00 and +0x1C respectively, and the enemies positions are resetted;
  • You can trick the game to think you got all Yuzus by going back and forth in the same Yuzu 19 times, it will increase the total ($0B1C) that is displayed after you beat the game, but for the sake of real completeness and entertainment this trick was forgone.

Level specific comments

  • 1-3: at the start you can't jump over the Turnip Bandit (thanks to me that's their name now) in a single jump at max speed, that's why I had to jump on the platform border first. Also Ceiling Clip to get the Yuzu earlier, saving 223 frames;
  • 1-4: Ending level earlier by taking damage then getting the flag;
  • 1-5: Jumping on the platform then jumping to the ladder to reach extra heights earlier (thanks to Alyosha)
  • 2-1: it's 220 frames faster to die after taking the Yuzu, since the only way to get back to the upper platforms is using the first tree right at the level start, and the game conveniently remembers if you already took the Yuzu for the current level. Note: I need to wait 65 frame for the Yuzu to compute, I can't simply take it and die immediately;
  • 2-3: TWO Ceiling Clips with the same purpose: to skip the slow narrow tunnel with two Turnip Bandits, plus the second clipe enables getting the Yuzu earlier;
  • 2-5: Ceiling Clip to escape the Yuzu "dead-end" way quicker than the intended route; Early Level End didn't work here, maybe due the flag being so close to the border;
  • 3-2: Pause Abuse to avoid the bat, so I can take the Yuzu 23 frames faster than the previous strat; Ceiling Clip to get the Flag earlier, saving 424 frames;
  • 3-4: It's faster to hop on the wall of cannons instead of climbing the ladder;
  • 3-5: Jumping on the platform then jumping to the ladder to reach extra heights earlier (thanks to Alyosha)
  • 4-3: Ceiling Corner Clip to skip the final section and get the Flag earlier, saving 138 frames;
  • 4-4: VAN SHORTCUT!!!

My disaster

ONLY NOW, as I wrote this submission text, that I found the game was updated to 1.1, and it doesn't sync in this new version but I managed to update the movie for this new version, fortunately it's 25 frames slower due a Turnip Bandit position change in 2-3.

My conclusion

This game is very easy and short enough, but the TASing experience was quite surprising, with all these tricks I found during the research. Speaking of research, you can try out my Lua scripts, both the utility one and the Atlas display one. I'll analyze the differences in v1.1 to see if there's any substantial improvement exclusive to the update.
Go homebrews!

Suggested screenshot

Frame 13607

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