Submission #7615: aiqiyou's Genesis Yazzie in 08:25.80

(Link to video)
Sega Genesis
BizHawk 2.8.0
Submitted by aiqiyou on 7/24/2022 1:28:45 PM
Submission Comments
Yazzie is a Genesis homebrew. You play as the careless gold seeker who has wandered into a strange mansion full of traps. You need to help the gold digger collect all the gold, avoid the enemies and try not to fall into a deadly trap.
The game is easy. During the TAS, The most troublesome thing is the enemy's movement. Because the character doesn't have any attack means, so I must find a way to control the enemy's movement. Therefore, in some levels, I have to slow down a little to affect the random value of subsequent levels.

slamo: Added a temp encode, and judging!
slamo: Looks good to me. There are some weird looking waiting sections, but after playing around with the inputs, I now understand that they are for some beneficial enemy manipulations. Accepting!

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