Submission #7618: NemoRuby's GG Mega Man "zipless" in 15:25.52

(Link to video)
Console Game Gear Emulator Bizhawk 2.7
Game Version USA Frame Count 55460
ROM Filename Mega Man(USA).gg Frame Rate 59.9227510135505
Branch zipless Rerecord Count 5090
PowerOn Authors NemoRuby
Game Mega Man
Submitted by NemoRuby on 7/25/2022 2:12:14 PM

Submission Comments
This is my first time to submit this movie.And this is "zipless"category for Megaman Game Gear I make this TAS since I refer rejected run and published run
-Aims for fastest time
-without zip
zipless route: stone man->star man->bright man->napalm man
Also this is my first time to make TAS.Please advice if there are some faults.

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