Submission #761: Randil's NES Déjà Vu in 10:53.80

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version USA Frame Count 39228
ROM Filename Deja Vu (U).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 6199
Unknown Authors Randil
Game Déjà Vu
Submitted by Randil on 7/22/2005 7:59:18 AM

Submission Comments
  • Aims for the fastest time possible
  • Manipulates Luck
  • Genre: Storybook game
Emulator used: FCE Ultra 0.98.12-blip
At least half the credit for this movie should go to Walker Boh. Although I made made this movie on my own, the time shaved off in this movie was mostly due to improved menu manipulation. Walker Boh was the one who spent many, many hours planning out the route and most of the cursor movements, this run just improved his a little. It just happened that I was able to improve this movie by around 32 seconds by having more powerful tools at my disposal (and due to some changes in the cursor-route). Other that that, this movie plays practically the same route and I pick up almost the same items. Was it wrong of me to make this run? It probably was. Anyway, what's done is done, I was somewhat ignorant and didn't think about all the hard work that Walker Boh put into making his movie when I made mine. If Walker Boh had the same tools (in particular frame advance) that I had when making his movie I think that it would be at least as good as this.
In any case, this is an improvement of Walker's run and I hope that you enjoy it, even though it doesn't bring many new stuff to the run. About 10-15 seconds are skipped due to skipping picking up the PENCIL, thanks to Mr. Kelly R. Flewin for pointing out that the PENCIL isn't needed in order to beat the game.
Once again Walker Boh, I apoligize for making this run.

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