Submission #7644: aiqiyou's GG Ninja Gaiden in 07:02.26

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Game Gear
BizHawk 2.8.0
Ninja Gaiden (USA, Europe).gg
Submitted by aiqiyou on 8/12/2022 1:49:22 PM
Submission Comments
I improved this TAS with 861 frame.



The character's attack will make the character jump higher. This technique was used in previous TAS, but it was not fully mastered. First, the position attack 7-8 frames before the jump will make the jump higher. Continuing to attack during the jump will make the jump height higher and higher. The best way is to press the opposite direction in the next frame of the attack, so that the character's attack action can be stopped, and then the character can continue to attack, and so on.

Fall off the wall

In the final stage, character shuttle between different columns. When the outlet of the next column is lower than the current column, under normal circumstances, you need to make the character jump and then fall, which will waste a period of rising time. I found a trick. First, let the character jump up, and then hold it in the same direction as the column. When the character attacks at the moment when it is adsorbed on the column, the character will not be adsorbed on the column, but will fall freely. This makes my last stage faster.

Operate before loading the scene

There will be a long lag before the scene is loaded. Before the lag, we can control the character. In the battle with the boss, I use this skill to release the skill before the scene is loaded, which can make the boss suffer damage earlier.

Action delay

Each attack or jump will slow the character by 1 frame. Standing on the ground will slow the release of skills by 2 frames, while in the air it will be 1 frame. If you jump within 8 frames after the attack, the whole process will only be slow by 1 frame, which is equivalent to saving 1 frame. This is also a detail that needs attention.

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