Submission #7668: EZGames69's Flash You Have to Burn the Rope in 00:21.70

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Console Adobe Flash Emulator libTAS 1.4.3/ruffle-nightly-2022_08_31
Game Version unknown Frame Count 651
ROM Filename 432872_Spoiler.swf Frame Rate 30
Branch Rerecord Count 317
PowerOn Authors EZGames69
Game You Have To Burn The Rope
Submitted by EZGames69 on 8/31/2022 6:25:05 PM

Submission Comments
Congratulations, you managed to kill that boss you see

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: libTAS 1.4.3/ruffle-nightly-2022_08_31


Playback: Make sure you add "--dont-warn-on-unsupported-content" in the command line in order for the game to launch. You will also need to run this on at least Ubuntu 22.04 as this version of ruffle wont run on any lower Ubuntu version.
You Have To Burn The Rope is a parody Flash game that's so simple in design that the goal is literally in the title for the game.
This game for the longest time wouldnt work in Ruffle until recently, and I was looking forward to TASing it as soon as I had the chance to. I did TAS the DS remake, although the original version has a few differences. For one, the floor colission isnt the same. I was able to jump up on the platforms in the DS one just from hugging them, but you can't do that in the Flash version. I also can't control my jumping height as well in the Flash version which is why it seems like I'm making some awkward jumping. The only real improvements you can do is make sure your forward movement isnt halted by hitting a wall and being sure you can jump as soon as possible going up to grab the fire and stuff.

slamo: Claiming for judging.
slamo: Absolutely masterful burning of the rope. Accepting!
Spikestuff: Publishing.

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