Submission #7686: Winslinator's INTV Flapee Bird "maximum score" in 2:16:50.33

(Link to video)
Console Intellivision Emulator BizHawk 2.8
Game Version any Frame Count 491963
ROM Filename bird.bin Frame Rate 59.92
Branch maximum score Rerecord Count 1633
PowerOn Authors Winslinator
Submitted by 74FalconX on 9/10/2022 3:19:25 PM

Submission Comments
This is a homebrew Intellivision port of Flappy Bird, released by Collectorvision in 2015. Yes, "Flapee Bird" is the real spelling of the game title.
  • Aims for maximum score
  • >99% script-generated
  • Genre: Arcade
Key Moments
  • 100 points (pipes spawn closer together) surpassed at 2m 02s
  • 200 points (pipes spawn even closer together) surpassed at 3m 50s
  • 300 points (closest pipe spawns + last difficulty increase) surpassed at 5m 24s
  • 9999 points (maximum score) reached at 2h 16m 50s
The lua script (for BizHawk 2.8)
Disclaimer that I'm not a programmer, so the code is not well-optimized. It is commented, however, so please check it out at the download link above to get the full idea of how it works. Below is a summary.
The lua script essentially reads the graphic elements in a 9x10 to 6x10 rectangle (depending on the closeness of the pipe spawns) ahead of the player, and interprets where the gap between the next set of pipes is based on where it detects the top/bottom pipe lip graphics. Based on this interpretation, the script will press the button if the bird falls below a certain y position to align it with the gap and hopefully pass through.
There is one problem with the script however, and is why only about 99% of the TAS was generated from it. The script sometimes has trouble threading the needle when the gap between consecutive pipes shifts down by two rows, and when the pipes are spawning closest together. Since correcting this problem didn't seem easy with the way the script was currently set up, I decided to just manually correct every instance the bird crashed into a pipe. I don't know if this decision ended up being faster TAS creation time in the long run, but here we are.

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