Submission #7695: AspectCave's N64 Super Smash Bros. "Suicide%" in 01:38.97

(Link to video)
Console Nintendo 64 Emulator Bizhawk 2.8
Game Version unknown Frame Count 5938
ROM Filename Nintendo All-Star! Dairantou Smash Brothers (Japan).n64 Frame Rate 60
Branch Suicide% Rerecord Count 207356
! Sram Authors AspectCave
Submitted by AspectCave on 9/16/2022 2:23:54 AM

Submission Comments
Using the fastest way of killing yourself in "Break The Targets", initially, I was planning to submit a 1p mode speedrun but I accidentally deleted it when I was freeing up space on my computer, this is my first time submitting this so I hope you found this enjoyable (not gonna happen lol, in your dreams). Most of these characters can get the same time as NTSC-U, but I'll type it here if you don't know the noticeable differences in this version (not all of the differences, you can find all of them here:
Graphical and Audio differences:
  • In the CSS on Bonus 1/Bonus 2 the announcer sounds slightly quieter and says Break The Target and Board The Plaform this was however changed to "Break The Targets" and "Board The Platforms" to be grammatically correct and the announcer speaks louder and clearer.
Character differences and the strat itself (will not list them all but the notable ones on this TAS)
Mario: Run and perfect land and fastfall to die , poor Mario, will he ever see the light of day? -His size is smaller on J than NTSC-U. making his hitboz, range, ECB (it's a few units smaller but idk), jump heignt (cause he's small) and recovery moves smaller and shorter but his head is slightly larger than NTSC- U.
Luigi: Dash for a few frames and up b fastfall, doing it a frame early then you can't die.
  • Pretty much the same as Mario, but his Fireball goes further and has much better air speed than NTSC-U.
Kirby: It's maxed out I think?
  • Similar to Mario Bros., but the size change doesn't really affect Kirby as much.
C. Falcon: He falls and runs slower, but his initial dash is more or less the same.
  • His gravity is lower making his jumps higher than NTSC-U
  • Fall speed is slower than NTSC-U (prove me wrong here).
Yoshi: Jump and DJ the earliest frame, without letting him landing on the ground, since he dips down when DJ (pretty weird).
  • Lower gravity and his double jump velocity is worse than NTSC-U.
  • Lower air speed than NTSC-U.
Link: Jump and edgecancel up b and fucking dies, how sad :(
  • His up-b covers less distance than NTSC-U.
  • He falls slower than NTSC-U.
  • Gravity is lower on J than NTSC-U affecting his jump height, making J Link jump higher.
Ness: Run and stick jump and fastfall, easy.
Purin/Jiggypuff: Run and fastfall to die
DK/Fox: Jump over that block and die to be a failure, same goes for Fox but you gotta have a certain y value from the stick jump
Most of them are pretty self-explanatory
(Sorry for bad english, not my first language)
Improvements: I think some are capped but some aren't so you have at least some stages to improve at.

GoddessMaria: Claiming for judging.

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