Submission #7737: TwistedTammer's GBC The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX "100%" in 51:47.70

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System Game Boy Color Emulator BizHawk 2.4.1
Game Version JPN v1.0 Frame Count 187587 (Cycle Count 6517315810)
ROM Filename Zelda no Densetsu - Yume o Miru Shima DX (Japan) (1.0).gbc Frame Rate 60.362036103940156
Branch 100% Rerecord Count 61767
PowerOn Authors TwistedTammer
Game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
Submitted by TwistedTammer on 10/11/2022 4:12:22 AM

Submission Comments
This movie completes GBC Link's Awakening DX (Japan) with all permanent inventory items, heart pieces, L2 upgrades, capacity upgrades, photographs, and a tunic upgrade, while meeting the same rules laid out in my any% run which prohibits wrong warping, superswimming, screenwrap or map wrap glitches, and OOB screens, which would have incorrect color schemes loaded or be inaccessible normally. Items are obtained from original sources. Japanese is chosen since the game has no differences outside of text boxes and several sprite changes, the text saving around 6 minutes of characters not being printed, allowing for shorter delays between action.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 2.3 with Gambatte core
  • SHA1: B810925BF9D9F4F6CD97C5E46C94C1A9DD61A113
  • GBC firmware: sha1:1293D68BF9643BC4F36954C1E80E38F39864528D Game Boy Color BIOS
  • Beat the game with a full inventory and all item upgrades
  • GBC in GBA: false, Console mode: auto, Equal Length Frames: False


  • 100% completion
  • Uses death to save time
  • Uses a game restart sequence
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Forgoes final boss skip glitch
  • Heavy luck manipulation
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX is a rerelease of Link's Awakening for the Gameboy. The GBC remaster adds color and a new dungeon, with various improvements and a string of glitch patches, but not enough apparently. Link's Awakening breaks the Zelda model by not having Zelda, Hyrule, or Ganon as the main villain, but it ended up being one of my favorite games. Link is trapped in a dream world and has to collect 8 instruments to wake up the Wind Fish, but nightmares serving as bosses and the final boss try to stop him, Link must wake the Wind Fish to escape himself.

100% Definition and Game Rules

100% is a placeholder, there's no internal progress meter to go by, I'm using the 100% definition from in which the relevant speedrun community has been using this definition for at least 9 years. I will just copy and paste the official rules here for convenience:
  • All heart pieces
  • All pictures
  • All unique, permanent inventory items (e.g. bow/boomerang/shovel/etc.)
  • All L2 upgrades (i.e. sword/shield/bracelet)
  • All 3 capacity upgrades (i.e. powder/bombs/arrows)
  • A tunic upgrade (either red or blue)
I imagine the capacity upgrades are going to be contested for not being inventory items, I stand by the RTA community requirements for 100% completion of the game and chose 100% as the branch name to reflect that. A run the achieves true 100% would have to deplete every chest in the game to obtain frivolous items and bonus rupees and also collect extra pointless seashells, and I don't consider that goal to be very entertaining.
  • No wrong warping (doghouse glitch)
  • No superswimming (method to walk through walls)
  • No screen wrap or map wrap glitches
  • No Out of Bounds screens (developer-only or blank filler screens, or screens with another dungeon system palettes loaded)
  • Items are obtained from original source only (no duping seashells or heart pieces)

Tricks and Glitches

This run uses TAS-only left + right + up + down input combinations to achieve bizarre and useful effects that are also entertaining in some ways, UDLR will be the abbreviation. UDLR with items returns out of bounds directional state parameters for items, sometimes useful, unfortunately we only have 5 useable combinations rather than 256, some of which would be very useful if possible. An ugly side effect is losing 1/2 or all of Link's sprite during some UDLR actions, I try not to do this if an alternative is available.
Speed, Subpixels, and Common Movement Techniques
  • There are 16 subpixels per pixel, with standard walking being 16 subpixels/frame, so 16. Diagonal walking is 12 speed in each direction, but jumping allows for diagonal straining without losing forward speed, but diagonal jump inputs will start at 13 each direction and increase 1 per frame, which is only used where necessary.
  • 4 pixels before a corner allow for a pixel boost when strained into diagonally, termed "corner boost," this is used to boost or save a pixel when subpixels wrap around.
  • You can zip 2 pixels at a vertical screen transition when clipped fully into a wall, just strain diagonally into a wall and if X subpixels don't roll over you get the boost, also abused heavily. 2D sections have a similar zip to upwarp inside a wall to the ledge above.
  • Dashing is 32 speed without UDLR, costs 31 frames to charge up, and saves a considerable amount of time and used wherever the menuing is worth it, superdashing especially.
  • Superdashing uses UDLR combos to get 4 useful dash combinations, there's no down-left combo. Jumping during a superdash can give a very long/fast jump, all Roc's feather jumps last 31 frames. The DLR dash that goes UL quickly can clip through open corners and above fences/warps, used where faster.
  • Damage boosts give 20 speed in both directions optimally, depending on enemy interest position. This lasts about 15 frames but can be extended with a neutral Roc's feather jump, straining to keep speed. Say you press L or R with 20 X-speed, it will decrement to 19 so I avoid doing that where neseccary.
  • Shield boosts give 18 speed and have similar restrictions, I use UDLR to shield boost from unusual distances and orientations to enemies.
  • Bomb explosion boosts give an insane 40 speed, 2.5x multiplier, though I only get several opportunities to exploit them.
  • Swimming is affected by subpixels too. When pressing A to boost you can hold diagonal without losing subpixels until reaching speed 12, but can't go above 12 holding diagonally, during a boost it goes up to 16 before slowing down. Without the boost the cap is 6 holding diagonally with 8 holding cardinal directions. I only strain diagonally when boosting to not lose subpixels, but pure diagonal movement requires diagonal obviously.
  • Aquaslide is when entering water with an UDLR directional state, this gives incredible speed in a few combinations which I abuse during swimming sections, the swimming sprite is messed up when this occurs as well but returns to normal.
  • Superdash bonking into warps, such as entering dungeons, saves around 10 frames each, unfortunately they usually require 2/16 subpixels to work.
Other Common Tricks
  • Superjumps are when Link uses a ledge wall from the lower side to get an unintended "leap," which disables collision until he lands. This can be done clipped or subpixel-perfect unclipped, which is very common in this run. During superjumps you can sword-clink enemies or shield-boost off of them to redirect momentum perpendicular to the original jump, allowing for sequence breaks and dungeon shortcuts. I also use the sword to change directional state midair to shield-boost from afar, in 2 places.
  • Sprite overflow takes advantage of the 16 sprite limit, they are oriented in vertical columns in work ram giving a maximum of 16. I use the shovel to dig rupees and hearts to fill slots, each with 12.5% spawn chance, they are not low priority sprites so Owl cutscenes of considerable length even on JP are blocked from loading where faster. In dungeons I have no ability to dig so using UDLR and optimal regrabs I can spawn 10 or more bombs quickly and use arrows if necessary, to sprite cap King Moblin or instruments if necessary, bombs being important to not waste of course.
  • Bomb trigger takes advantage of flawed bomb-arrow code to unconditionally set sprite entity in slot 0 to entity state 1, which often initiates cutscenes without the need for the intended interaction. Bomb triggers are used where faster than normally talking to entities, or when I don't have the intended items, such as trade sequence items or witch hut toadstool. This sometimes requires extra steps to get the intended entity into index 0, hence why I kill 2 moblins in the woods at the start to bomb trigger Tarin.
  • Mushroom superdash is used to clip below walls when transitioning up. The mushroom used during a screen transition cancels 1 frame of post transition movement, so I end up 2-3 pixels below the border, a superdash with good suxpixels clips lower and into walls with ease, so I can shortcut a lot of places.
  • Bracelet telegrab is using UDLR combos to grab pots, bushes, and rocks from multiple tiles away, sadly only works with DLR for quick grabs from 3 tiles to the left, and UDLR for grabs from 2 tiles above, saving a few seconds over the run.
  • Instrument cutscene skip ICS was found by RTA runners, LADX patched the cutscene skip that GB Link's Awakening had, but simultaneous mushroom, ocarina, and instrument collection allows for an early save and quit that skips most of the waiting, this was only viable to do on Catfish, Face Shrine, and Eagle's. For whatever reason, the frog song is ~50 frames faster than ballad with ICS, and Mambo's just prevents obtaining the instrument.
  • Heart piece text skip uses item equip or S&Q menu to block the first text box, only worth doing item equip since the text skip is overall slower but brings the cost of menuing to only ~20 frames, rather than 100. On 4th heart pieces where there's 2 text boxes it's worth doing the skip regardless of item equips, I routed 1 heart level up to the fishing game to avoid this slow text.
  • Boss text skips work for most bosses, especially worth doing when items need to be equipped, a couple bosses don't skip text sadly, like the Eagle.
  • Chest text skips work on every chest, just pause 6 frames after opening, but item equip can be done frame perfectly to save 1 frame.
  • Dungeon entrance text can be skipped, only worth doing with item equips to reduce menu cost.


The route in this run is the final product of 8 full test runs with successive improvements, numerous collection route revisions that ended up being the fastest, and working within the constraints of photographs that are only available with certain party members or before/after certain dungeons. Overworld and cave system routing made for a general outline that I improved thoroughly.

File Select to Tail Cave Finish

  • After mashing through Marin's text, I get the shield to go outside. I do the first shield boost manipped off of Bowwow, to save frames. I cornerboost and zip to the beach, damage boosts are free here since I'll die later. Urchins are pushed while straining on certain frames to avoid delayed movement from urchins. Sword is grabbed with an UD shield hitbox, skipping owl cutscene. I save and quit (S&Q) for a fast warp to Mabe Village.
  • I manip 5 rupees cutting bushes and get the first seashell, I need 20 for the L2 Sword later. Each rupee is 12.5% but no match for TAS. A frame perfect shield flick causes 2 rupees to be added instead of one, another flawed logic glitch. 10 are needed to pay for bombs. I steal the bow from shopkeep, then reenter and get killed, stealing is required for a photograph anyways but paying for the shovel would costs several minutes. After reentering I grab bombs and select to buy them, they're added to inventory but a fast save and quit allows me to keep the rupees. This is repeated for another 10 free bombs. On the third bombs I simply pay for them, the S&Q menu counts as paying for them without text, only faster here.
  • The shopkeep is on 32, 64, and 96 frame look-away cycles, it's impossible to move from the right and exit the shop with the bow without a look-back, but pausing at the right time means he can't look back during the pause screen and his global timer framerule is missed during the pause screen, so I get additional time to leave before he catches me, also saving time that the menu would cost otherwise.
  • I go to the doghouse and get the seashell, this trip also sets the S&Q warp point for after tail key. I use the sword during shoveling to redirect and RNG manipulate rupee/heart drops, and use a slashed bush as an extra sprite. 1 bomb is used as another sprite. The long Owl textbox is skipped. I kill 2 moblins with a swordslash damage boost, fastest kill possible, and bomb trigger Tarin the psychedelic shroom addict the same frame I transition, so I skip his text and avoid the troll screen. I get the tail key and S7Q instantly, the key was added to my inventory.
  • I go to the Tail Cave, the pitwalk is an 1/8 framerule thing to get, barely caught the earliest framerule. I unlock the keyhole with diagonal straining into the side, counts as pushing into it.
  • Inside I use a menu to skip text and only pay 20 frames for the menu. RNG is manipped so I can DB off of the moldorm after first key, and more DBs and SBs are used. I shield the enemies into holes, still faster than shooting with arrows which costs an additional menu. In the underground UDLR works from anywhere on screen, use it to boost across gaps. The Roc's feather is added instantly due to empty slot, then I use a superjump to get to the next seashell and S&Q.
  • I manipulate the Stalfos for a precise superjump boost to skip a key, 1 second save, then superjump into Moldorm room to skip the boss key. Moldorm can be difficult but I manipped the fastest pattern to have him die up top, his hitbox is misleading. I just swagged here to make Link invisible with UDR slash.

Tail Cave to Bottle Grotto Finish

  • I need 30 rupees so I grab free rupees where I can. I sprite overflow the owl again, it never goes away, still faster overall. I use the log cave to shortcut into the cemetery cave, palettes match so it is allowed. I bomb trigger the witch to give me powder without a toadstool, and item equip to text skip. I get the heart piece and manip a bunch of rupees, duping them when I can. This heart would be too slow to text skip. I go to the photoshop, if I had bowwow a dumb owl cutscene would be present here. I go to the moblin cave, manip 4 50% chance hearts and start bomb spamming as soon as possible, hence why I have a lot of bombs. King Moblin was unloaded, this saved around 6s. S&Q back to the entrance.
  • I use a Flock clip to get past the rock. Unfortunately bowwow insta-eats are on a framerule dependent on #FFD7/FFD8 values, so every 64 frames there's 15 frames where he'll insta-eat, I had to wait 5 frames for this cycle. I get a heart from the plant.
  • I spam powder to get rid of it, UDLR powder to skip walking, then kill Stalfos with bow. I get 1 key, the fastest obtainable key here. I use superjumps to go through in reverse order, superjump off of the Hinox, then use UDLR arrows to shoot boo-buddies off screen to spawn the bracelet chest. I use telegrabs to save time on each pot, and grab the 20 rupee chest. Farming these rupees on overworld for less than 140 frames is infeasible. I now get to nightmare key room then bomb spam, manip an arrow from stalfos, and shoot 2 arrows. Unloading the instrument is necessary less you are locked in the room and can't superjump out. I kill the genie with a clipped throw and bomb spam, collect the heart and finish. I would have to save 64 frames to catch an earlier bowwow instant eat cycle, so any time saved in the dungeon would have to be significant.

Bottle Grotto to Key Cavern

  • I get the cemetery shell, while manipping needed rupees and avoiding Bowwow RNG textbox. I get the bomb capacity upgrade, then superjump into the next cave to get the arrow upgrade, powder room is unreachable without breaking rules. The bombs and arrows are much needed. I grab the woods shell, S&Q, then enter log cave. I go get the mushroom, no text skip available, and then use telegrabs to get heart piece quicker. I travel cave system to the prairie shell cave to get to Richard picture faster. The rock shell would not be faster here, due to frame count for 10-piece manor shell later.
  • I get richard picture, then use frame perfect pit buffers to jump the gap, this shell is still faster than bomb triggered 5-piece manor shell. I set warp point in phone booth, manip a bomb boost, then go pit buffer into villa and get the key, manipping last rupees fortunately. I Jesus-jump to the island shell, and then trigger keyhole from above, just facing upwards and walking down.
  • I telegrab pot and text skip, then use superjump to skip slow puzzles. I get the 200 rupee chest here for the 300 rupee goal, not text skipping so I advance in-game time 17f. I clip into the main area, get the Pegasus boots, then clip back into sub area to get to the hub area and clip into the boss room. I equip text skip and then start killing slime eye. IGT had to be advanced since slime eye splitting damage is a 32 framerule, I then manip the halves to fall simultaneously for an instant double-kill, otherwise the live one would be killed slower. Superdash to the instrument makes you invisible.

Key Cavern to Angler Cave Collection 1

  • I get the cavern roof shell, and then unlock the warp tile and S&Q back. I mushroom clip and get the prairie dig shell, RNG blocking Bowwow text box, then mushroom clip out. I grab the rock shell now, then optimally manip enemies and superdash to the manor. The manor progress counter counts every 4 frames, and 50/50 can count or not count, depending on RNG. I found because RNG resets when entering, there are only 1024 RNG outcomes for the manor counter without sword slashes, so I documented all of them and used the fastest scenario for the frame count range I was in, which I barely caught. I sidedash for swag and get the shell.
  • I use telegrabs to get shell and travel down faster. I use a superdash jump and Jeses jump, then clip below the tile, a scenario where mushroom isn't required. This skips backtracking and a slow bombboost across. I go to the bear hut, and bomb trigger the pineapple, which updates the trade sequence to spawn Marin at the beach. I warp tile back to Mabe, then go get Ocarina. I bomb trigger to skip getting in the bed. Superjump to the ocarina.
  • I go to the fishing minigame, costs 20 rupees but I get them back. B/A mashing simulator requires getting rid of the top right fish since I can't lure the heart piece fish with it in the way. I get the 4th heart piece here to avoid long heart piece unlock text box, which I'll get 2 later. I then get Bowwow returned to MeowMeow, and get the picture. I get the Ulrira picture, funnily you can trigger it from in the air, which wasn't a frame tradeoff but actually faster. I mushroom clip and get the Tail Cave shell, then mushroom clip again and go to Marin, this is all unskippable sadly.
  • One friend-zone date later and I S&Q to the beach, get the well picture. You can only move 3 pixels without blocking the picture. I grab the heart, then go get the beach picture, the octorok required the shortest entity transition counter to move out of the way in time. I S&Q then get Tarin picture, then go to the warp tile. I mushroom clip, then zip downwards and bomb trigger the walrus, I have to get Marin to exit the party for pictures to spawn later and to unlock the Ballad, which requires doing the long walrus cutscene. I get the Landmola instakill then get the key. I set a warp then go get the beach shell, then S&Q back. I superjump and bomb trigger the heart piece, then transition into the Angler Cave tunnel. I decided not to do this glitch which saves 36 frames, might be ACE but looks ugly as hell
  • Once through the warp I equip so I can jesus jump, then unlock the key from the back. The warp is not configured correctly so leaving and coming back is necessary, S&Q being the fastest. I delay a few frames here to get #FFB9 to be 0, in order to get the fastest puzzle pattern before the scuba flipper. I superdash through the fence, then get the 50 rupees. I finish the puzzle get flipper then S&Q. Ghost is necessary so I finish the dungeon. I superjump into the boss room. The fish is bomb triggered to charge left instantly, so I can bomb arrow downward. The swordslash did 1 bomb arrow damage to him. I can't instrument cutscene skip less the ghost won't spawn, sigh.

Angler to Face Shrine Collect 2

  • I get mambo's, bomb trigger skips text and easy to do in 2D with L+R. I get the cave heart with an aquaslide. I aquaslide down, it's now impossible to Jesus jump so swimming is necessary. I warp tile to the village and get the Ballad song. I set a warp at the phone booth, then go bomb trigger the fisherman for the bra/necklace. I can't bomb trigger the mermaid, this requires state 2 I believe, so the bra is necessary. I get the bay shell then mushroom clip and trigger mermaid and do a frame perfect S&Q to skip text. I manip a bomb booost then mushroom clip and unlock the statue with the scale I got from the mermaid, you can't unload the statue since it's part of the trade sequence to give up the scale. I finally get the Lens, which is a 100% item. I get the fisherman cutscene. I warp tile to Mabe then do the signpost maze. Unfortunately, the variable tracking sign progress can't be manipulated, doesn't carryover when you leave either. I do the maze then pay for the frog song, can't skip any of this but I do skip the 3rd text box by leaving frame perfectly. I dash clip out using grass to get to the beach. With clever equips I get the boomerang by trading the shovel, I can always go back and get the shovel back if needed, but not this TAS. I take the ghost to the house to advance the sequence, then get 2 shells before Mambo warping. I superdash and get 1 pixel into the photo trigger, so I can skip the Owl cutscene, though I have to S&Q immediately after. I head to color dungeon and do the puzzle with gravestones.
  • I can superdash past the red one once the first guy moves. I use the enemy for a superjump, rupee ruined my flat 0 count, then do the color sprite puzzle. I use the bow to get UD directional state and superjump off of the Zol. I then pick blue tunic, this decision can from carefully comparing red/blue scenarios, red just wastes too much time with enemy knockback and L2 sword with blue makes up for it if it was a factor. I mushroom clip and get the moat heart, text skip was worth doing here. I mushroom clip and enter the villa cave with bomb arrow. I text skip and S&Q again. I mushroom clip into a mountain cave section then get the chest shell. Mush clip down the cliff then aquaslide up the stairs and set warp at the Eagle key cave, not faster to get it here. I go up the cliff and get the other shell, then get the rope bridge picture. S&Q then enter the Animal Village cave system and get the heart, it was necessary to pit kill the beetle less the bomb trigger won't work. I pit buffer and equip to save some frames, then I mushroom clip into animal village hub and get the Zora picture, mouse is white for whatever reason. This mountain trip was justified by the 2 fast seashells, saving 10s over alternate route.
  • I head up and mushroom clip into the armos maze, then go into Face Shrine. Miniboss was quickest to kill with arrows to avoid extra menu, arrows have 15f cooldown so it was about shooting 1st arrow early as possible. I get key with good subpixels, then exit the cave. I dash clip using stairs stutter then dash the 15ish times out. I aquaslide up the moat and used manipped bomb boost to the right. I then enter cave to the shire, this dashing and swimming route saved 5s over normal maze route. I unlock the Shrine then enter.
  • No text skip was worth it, I used a superjump and zip to get to the L2 Bracelet, then superdashed through the fence. I used an UD slash to superjump off of much lower Zol, then transitioned up. Telegrabbed the pots to save time, horsehead puzzle is 50/50 so manipped first try, jumped to avoid doorlag. Superjump into the boss fight. Facade takes 5 explosions to die, and with UDLR bomb spawm he dies before ever becoming visible which I find hilarious, couldn't text skip this part unfortunately. I do the first ICS with frog song.

Face Shrine to Catfish Maw

  • I Immediately head to the Seashell Manor, but have to bomb trigger owl for faster cutscene. I aquaslide then dash to the manor. The bomb throwing is actually manipulating RNG of the counter which I couldn't do earlier, I got the ~96 increments to have only 3 failed RNG calls, which was the best luck I could get after hours of attempts, a sophisticated brute forcer might do better but to expand possible outcomes you'd have to wait additional 4 framerules for new seed each time. I get the L2 sword with swag throws, then equip feather. The jump saved 1 frame. I dash jump to Catfish Maw, can't Jesus jump with flipper in inventory so water cave is necessary. I use the right facing direction and kill the helmasaur that way, while damage boosting. In 2D section each jump saves a pixel, sword slashes lose 1 so I don't slash. I do perfect movement and spawn the key, but with boomerang and pixel perfect setup you can make it transition with you, then the hookshot occupies its slow and you get the hookshot early that way, without 4 Stalfos battles taking over 90s. I then RNG manip hearts and rupees, and Stalfos to not be dumb, then get a heart so I can spawn L2 beams and use UDLR to glitch a sword beam on screen permanently. I then use a Stalfos for a superjump without collecting items I made, and escape the room, unloading the instrument was neseccary, I also bomb trigger the Slime Eel to spawn quicker. I do the first 4 hits then fall in pit, the effect pushes Link up and I transition the fight into the instrument room, skipping some walking. I finish the fight then do ICS.

Catfish to Eagle's Tower

  • I go through the water cave then go to the prairie cave. I superjump into the Bird Key cave then S&Q. I superjump into a mountain cave system then go to the Eagle's tower screen with a superdash. I unlock the rock from the side, then enter the tower.
  • Inside I do a text skip, then superjump off of the spike trap into the L2 shield room, skipping a key. I hit the crystal with L2 beams, get the L2 shield, then go do the pillars. Pillars are routed so they're all slot 0, had to kill a Zol for that. I use a superjump on the last on and get into the last pillar room faster than any%, while getting a zip. I go to floor 3 and do the goomba surf and get across. The Eagle can't be text skipped, and the first pass on screen Y-position is based on RNG and frame count, so spending some time in the menu and a little extra to rearrange was faster overall. After the first hit you can hit him below screen 5 times to finish fight faster. I hookshot it to get it sooner, then ICS for the last time.

Eagle to Turtle Rock

  • I do a little ocarina swag since I'll catch the pit framerule. I cave transition to another mountain cave, then use it to get the heart piece. I then transition into a west mountain cave. I superdash clip up to the last capacity upgrade cave and upgrade powder, losing the mushroom so I can't ICS anymore. I then superdash clip to the turtle rock, then sprite unload dragon thing, manipping a moblin arrow and boomerang for a sprite. I dash clip up to the top entrance, and get the last heart piece with boomerang and text skip. I then head to back entrance.
  • I manip the Gibdo for a superjump, then manip Blaino after 3 bonks to superjump off of, since he does damage from midair. I superjump and get the fire rod. I use Blaino with a careful lineup to superjump back into the main area, then head over and superjump into the Hothead bossroad. I text skip then manip Hothead starting position. I get the minimum of 6 hits while keeping him in the center 4x4 area, or else he wouldn't go to phase 2. Then 2 last hits and a frame perfect text skip that's a 50% chance of softlocking. I then get heart piece and instrument.

Hot Head to Credits

  • I take the optimal route to Wind Egg, mambo warp was 3s slower. I bomb trigger the egg, faster than ocarina. Owl is unskippable. I take the optimal pattern through the egg maze. Early bomb trigger skips the fight intro, no music unfortunately. The blob is killed without powder with precise sword stabs. Agahnim is bomb triggered to avoid morphing several times, saving 140f each time. Damage had to be took so the knockback would put him very close to X=$50 and Y=$30, to minimize morph traveling. Moldorm is bomb triggered then a slash and 6 stabs kills him. Ganon takes 6 dashes, and one slash for Landmola. The Dethyl phase is bomb triggered and he just dies instantly. One last swag bomb then it's a minute of text mashing before credits.

Potential Timesaves

Unfortunately a couple strats ruined my planned item menu inputs, and I had to rearrange the menu just before a couple S&Qs to keep the rest of the TAS synced, this costed 12f on remaps alone, a new TAS with planned inputs could save around 15 frames. RNG could always be better too, I feel confident in the Seashell Manors since I could plan the first one but the 20-piece trip could probably brute forced to save maybe 4 frames. There could potentially be a cave system route that I didn't concieve, but I'm confident in the route I made, I would rather do RTA rulesets if I do another TAS tbh.


Thanks to Tompa for taking interest in what I was doing, especially when it was just unoptimized WIPs and me getting the hang of things. The RTA speedrun community definitely learnt almost everything of this game over the decades, I found a few things that where TAS only UDLR inputs but nothing major or helpful for them. The LADX Disassembly ( was very helpful since a lot of variables were already documented there, it helped when I needed to know entity behavior or framecount dependent phenomena, just to increase my understanding of the game and make it more of a science rather than guessing. Bizhawk and BGB with the debuggers helped, debugging or tracelogging to understand entities and RNG more thoroughly.
This could've been done by September, 2021, but I got lazy with this game to do other RTA stuff with another game getting rapid developments.

CasualPokePlayer: Replacing movie file with one made with 2.4.1 on request of the author.

ThunderAxe31: Claiming for judging.
ThunderAxe31: All right, the ruleset for this goal makes sense and it was followed. The execution seems very optimized.
Since there is currently no applicable goal for Standard that allows to aim for full completion while avoiding major skips, I'm accepting this for Alternative.
Note to the publisher: we need to figure out if the branch label for this movie should remain just "100%" or may need to be something like "100%, no major glitches", in order to differentiate from a future movie that aims for full completion without these additional restraints.

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