Submission #7778: yep2yel, ShesChardcore & negative seven's A2600 Hangman in 00:02.17

(Link to video)
Atari 2600
BizHawk 2.8.0
Hangman - Spelling (USA)
Submitted by yep2yel on 11/5/2022 4:19:38 AM
Submission Comments
Nothing too special to see here. Two interesting notes are the game determines the word on the frame you hit reset to start the game, so there are a few frames I wait to reset to get the word "away". It stores these words alphabetically, so it's pretty easy to guess words depending on when you hit reset. There is a large delay between selecting a letter and moving to another, so if we could figure out how to reduce this, the movie could maybe go below 2 seconds.
After recording, ShesChardcore found a 2 frame improvement by combining the down and b inputs. I previously had thought this was undoable, but guess I was wrong.
Negative seven then came in and found that by pressing reset again, you can advance the word list and save a frame getting to AWAY faster.

Memory: I promise I won't leave this submission hanging...
Maybe this joke needs to be workshopped some more. Anyways, claiming.
Memory: Replacing file with 3 frame improvement.
Submission seems very optimized. There was an opinion in the thread that the TAS should be all answers, but I feel that aiming for the fastest answer required enough unique strategy and manipulation to warrant publication in its own right.

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