Submission #7800: ShesChardcore's NES Caesars Palace "best ending" in 00:41.35

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System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator BizHawk 2.8.0
Game Version any Frame Count 2485
ROM Filename Caesars Palace (USA).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch best ending Rerecord Count 930
PowerOn Authors ShesChardcore
Game Caesars Palace
Submitted by ShesChardcore on 11/12/2022 2:28:35 PM

Submission Comments
This submission is for Caesar's Palace for the NES, a gambling simulator that is very no-nonsense and straightforward unlike other casino games of the time (Vegas Dream, Vegas Stakes, etc.) You get different endings (basically vehicles) based on how much money you leave with, so we get the best ending which is the red Ferrari-looking sportscar.
The red sportscar requires $140,000 and we start with $1,000. The game has a multitude of different casino games: slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, and the big spinny wheel. The RNG in this game is... lacking. It advances when you're in the main casino floor (which has bathrooms for some reason. Seriously you can click on them and hear water running. NO idea why this was a thing) but not in a game. So if you enter on a specific frame, you "lock in" the result.
Looking at the games, the only real possibilities are:
Roulette: Hit something to get some cash, then hit a 36:1 spin to get to $140k. This is very slow as the bet location is farther away, and the wheel spin animation takes a while.
Video Poker: 5 coin Royal Flush in one attempt. I don't think this is even possible in the game, let alone fast enough.
Slots: $500 slot jackpot would pay $100k, so you'd need that and something else big, and I believe this would take too long.
Blackjack: WAY too slow since we have no big odds.
That leaves our savior, the big wheel. Early on in the seeds exists one where the spins are 5:1, Caesar (40:1) back to back. The screen is small so betting is quicker with less wasted motion, and the spin animation is fast. We slap down $600 on the 5:1 to win $3000, then bet exactly enough ($3400) to win $136k more on spin two, leaving at exactly $140k.
This should be the optimal path. I ran through a bunch of seeds on Slots and Poker, but wasn't able to find anything lucrative. Slots have an early seed at the $500 one where you hit for $5k, but doing that and then going to the wheel is too slow.

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