Submission #7802: AlbertTheGamer2006's NES Super Mario Bros. Extended "Any% D-4" in 13:28.29

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System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.6.4
Game Version unknown v1.1 Frame Count 48577
ROM Filename Super Mario Bros. Extended.nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Any% D-4 Rerecord Count 2325
PowerOn Authors AlbertTheGamer2006
Submitted by AlbertTheGamer2006 on 11/12/2022 5:12:21 PM

Submission Comments
  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.6.4
  • BIOS used: NTSC
  • CRC32: b2c53df9 MD5: b0781c7b6ab5d3ea94c91b4aba15d0fd SHA-1: 7db8d1c2bbf21266e7a9a8072ee05dc436e0b9ab
  • I used the warp zones to skip certain levels to finish the game as fast as possible, using every glitch possible.
  • My aim is to complete Super Mario Bros. Extended and beat World D-4 as fast as possible.
  • Super Mario Bros. Extended is a ROM hack of the original Super Mario Bros. but with 5 new worlds (9, A, B, C, D) in Lost-Levels style (there are poison mushrooms, red piranha plants, upside-down red piranha plants, upside-down pipes, wind, a "Luigi Game" instead of a multiplayer mode, with Lost-Levels Luigi physics, and Lost-Levels style on 1-upping by flagpole or fireworks. Speedrun Categories: Any%, Warpless 8-4, Warpless D-4, Worlds A-D Any%, and Worlds A-D Warpless. There is no Minus World as the warp zones take you to the 1-2 exit area if you perform the Minus World trick, so the 1-2 best time is still a 347. In the Any% category, an additional framerule can be saved in 8-3, because an ending of 3 or 6 don't guarantee fireworks (Speedrunners should worry about their coin count between levels), making a 4:53 Any% 8-4 possible. The first 8 worlds are the exact SAME as the original game, so no new speedrunning tricks would be found in the first 8 worlds. Glitches such as FPG, BBG, wall jumps/clips, wrong warps, and the framerule system still exists. World 9 is just a castle level similar to World 9-3 from the Lost Levels with a fake Bowser, world A contains an overworld, underground with a warp zone to world B, bridge, and castle levels, world B contains an overworld, underwater, Lakitu athletic, and castle levels with a warp zone to world D, world C has a Lakitu overworld, a Hammer Bro-filled overworld, an athletic level in an underground area, and a castle level with 2 underwater sections. World D has 2 overworld levels, the latter being athletic, the 3rd level a castle athletic level, and the 4th or last level is a castle with an overworld section being the same as world D-2. The B-4 warp zone is the same area as the pipe intermission area. The Hammer Bros charge at the character in worlds A-D, worlds 5-D has red Piranha Plants, and the fake Bowsers in worlds A-C are the same in the Lost Levels SNES version.
  • Also, the warpless run is complicated. There is no "hard mode", as all levels were in hard mode: Worlds 1-3, 1-4, 2-2, 2-3, and 2-4 are their "harder" variants, world 4-3 is world LL1-4 (LL means Lost Levels), world 5-3 is world LL3-3, world 5-4 is LL2-4, world 6-4 is LL4-4, world 7-2 is LL3-2, and world 7-3 is LL2-3. The fire flower is still needed to make the bridge not crumble, but at the end you have to wait for the timer to tick down to 0 before you move to the next world. Because of that, there wouldn't be a sub 19 or even a sub 20 in warpless 8-4. The 4-2 warp zone is the LL5-2 warp zone, but it can be finished at an equal pace.
  • But still, the Any% 8-4 run is the same, as a speedrunner can use 1-1 FPG, 1-2 347, (AndrewG calls the 1-2 pipe clip "Get 347"), 4-1 FPG, Lightning 4-2 to save a framerule, pl8-1, KosmicZ 8-2 (the regular BBG saves 2 framerules, KosmicZ saves 3), 8-3 FPG with 243 to save 1 framerule (since fireworks aren't relied on the time being 1, 3, 6), and a good 8-4 to get a 4:53! If an extra framerule can be saved in 8-3, the speedrunner wouldn't have to do Lightning 4-2.

Samsara: Claiming for judging.
Samsara: I found a 10 second faster (at least) TAS on YouTube. Please do some research before submitting a TAS to ensure that it is the fastest known run, especially for a game like SMB1, which is highly likely to have other tightly optimized runs out there, even for its hacks.

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