Submission #7853: Sonic123TTSLives's Genesis The Real Sonic 2 in 01:29.62

Sega Genesis
BizHawk 2.8
Submitted by Sonic123TTSLives on 12/6/2022 2:36:55 AM
Submission Comments
nothing really special here except for this TAS I did.
Sorry video is on my Google Drive again.

Samsara: As explained in #7847: Sonic123TTSLives's Genesis Sonic The Hackable "any%" in 08:53.87, I've removed the aforementioned Google Drive link, as there is no easy way of verifying whether or not it is compliant with site rules. Read the notes in that submission for more details.

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: Trimmed empty input at the end and cleared the branch, since it's implied.
feos: Just like with #7847: Sonic123TTSLives's Genesis Sonic The Hackable "any%" in 08:53.87, optimization in this run is lacking. I made a dirty test TAS of this hack, which spawns the boss 376 gameplay frames sooner than this submission does, even though I've never TASed Sonic in my life. I had no idea what I was doing, so there's definitely a ton of room for further improvements. Here's a comparison encode:
The game choice here is also concerning.
Quoting Movie Rules
ROM hacks must not be overly obscure. If a hack is known to GoodTools,, SMW Central, or some other well-known database, that usually means its quality is decent and it won't be completely lost in the future.
  • There must be a publicly and readily available download link to the hack's patch file on the web. It should be easily found through Google. Having to join an online community (for example on Discord) to get the file is not allowed.
  • Hacks that transform the game, especially new/changed levels, are preferred.
  • Hacks must be completed. Work-in-progress hacks are not allowed unless the hack is known to be completely abandoned.
While it is indeed preferred that hacks with new levels are TASed, this one is really just an unfinished demo with only one level, and it seems to only be known to those familiar with the Sonic Hacking Contest scene.
Just like people said in this hack's feedback, it has great potential, but it's still very obscure and incomplete. I'd recommend TASing something finished and better known to the general public instead.
Rejecting this attempt though.
Last Edited by feos on 12/25/2022 7:50 PM
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