Submission #7919: MarioAtWork's NES Trials of the Wolf Clan: The Wolf Spirit in 02:01.10

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System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator BizHawk 2.8
Game Version unknown v1.1 Frame Count 7278 (Cycle Count 650220370)
ROM Filename WolfSpirit1.1.nes Frame Rate 60.09946708878516
Branch Rerecord Count 999
PowerOn Authors MarioAtWork
Game Trials of the Wolf Clan: The Wolf Spirit
Submitted by MarioAtWork on 12/31/2022 9:52:16 AM

Submission Comments
Here we are: at the end of another year and I'm submitting my last TAS of 2022. Crazy. To make this submission more meaningful, I thought I'd put the knowledge I'd gained since I started submitting back in May to improve one of my first submissions. In total I ended up saving 01:12.90 over the current publication. The huge timesave mainly came from skipping the autoscroller and the miniboss though some levels were improved by a couple of frames each.

Biggest timesaves

So, it turns out that a miniboss in a demo doesn't prevent you from just walking right through it. Huh! Who'd have thought?
The extremely long autoscroller at the end was originally played through normally and only sped to the end when it was a straight path. This was good and all but it could have been walked through from the very beginning. I worked out a way in the end that I probably overcomplicated but it worked so I'm satisfied and I wasn't able to improve it so that's even better. There is a moment about halfway through where the wolf stops for a frame and then continues walking. This is because it ended up stuck in a pit being tormented by a flame enemy if it just kept walking right the entire time. I'm unsure why this is but just letting go of R for one frame seemed to fix it.

Total improvement

LevelCurrent PublicationThis TASDifferenceTotal Timesave
Level 1787f784f-3f-3f
Level 2728f729f+1f (lag)-2f
Level 3760f757f-3f-5f
Level 4747f746f-1f-6f
Level 5559f559f+/-0f-6f
Level 63418f1029f-2389f-2395f
Level 7678f672f-6f-2401
Level 83647f1566f-2081f-4482
(I don't quite understand how that's bigger than it actually is, it might be to do with loads or I'm just bad at putting numbers in a calculator and triple checking. I just counted the time spent in levels but you get the general idea with those figures anyway)

slamo: Claiming for judging.
slamo: Replaced movie file to fix cycle count message.
Nice improvement! I was hoping you'd come back to this and revisit the autoscroller. Accepting as an improvement to the current publication.

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