Submission #7920: TheAmazingYucemu's Flash Henry Stickmin 3: Stealing the Diamond "no refresh" in 04:33.83

(Link to video)
Adobe Flash
no refresh
libTAS 1.4.4 + ruffle nightly 2022-12-30 (89e01b5)
Submitted by TheAmazingYucemu on 12/31/2022 12:09:51 PM
Submission Comments


To sync this TAS, you need to slowly frame advance while it's paused (around 1 frame advance per 5 to 10 seconds IRL) or otherwise will desync on inconsistent loading screen, please let me know if it still desyncs after several tries.

My final submission of 2022 text

Here is another henry stickmin TAS on TASVideos submission page and my last TAS submission of 2022 ever because it's less than 24 hours until new year 2023, enjoy!
SWF md5 hash: 2fe7a15c7141ba083c10b50526142170

CasualPokePlayer: Claiming for judging.
CasualPokePlayer: Replacing movie with a resync using a modified swf that has internet elements removed (I also added in sync notes to the annotations.txt here).
CasualPokePlayer: We've determined that TheAmazingYucemu is an alt account of banned user Bluely, and as such we have now banned the account permanently. As a result, this submission and #8171: TheAmazingYucemu's Flash Henry Stickmin 2: Escaping the Prison "no refresh" in 03:02.33 will be rejected.
Last Edited by CasualPokePlayer on 4/17/2023 9:42 PM
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