Submission #8116: OtakuTAS's NES Halloween: October 31st in 03:50.92

(Link to video)
System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator Syncs on BizHawk 2.8.0, made from scratch on 2.9-2
Game Version any Frame Count 13878
ROM Filename HALLO31_DEMAKE_v0.02.nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 1912
PowerOn Authors OtakuTAS
Submitted by OtakuTAS on 3/17/2023 4:03:05 AM

Submission Comments
PersonFrame Difference
OtakuTASWorld Record
Saw two fairly new users battling it out, so figured I would make an attempt from scratch as the game really spoke to me but it needed a good TAS.
This is frame perfect to every single movement, pickup, door, window, grandma, murder, and glitch.
I also used Spikestuff's slower TAS to verify after I finished that there weren't any IL gains anywhere that I was missing albeit still coming out ahead overall. There were not. Ironically, although our movements were vastly different (there's no diagonal movement, you can start either direction and murders can be committed on a bunch of different frames with no slowdown) and our RNG was manipulated different, we stayed frame perfect up until the bonus level.
It should be noted for some odd reason, the lag frames at the end of the main game are longer for me and shorter for Spikestuff. However, neither of us could continue until the exact same frame, so this negated the issue and ended up on the same frame again.
I had a few frame gains Spikestuff didn't catch, but the biggest timesave was discovery of being able to kill two nurses at once using a glitch I discovered. By manipulating the RNG precisely, I not only get an ideal pattern of their movement, but the nurse actually walks into the knife. The one I just used on the other nurse. It not only kills two birds with one stone but seems to speed up the death and also release me much quicker (likely at the release time of the first nurse). Also manipulated the last nurse (I have a way with nurses) for better murder.
Just want to re-iterate this was made from scratch and the other runs were not referenced until after it was finished. It's very neck and neck but the movies are obviously very different. Plus this game is desync hell.
Oh, and the game clearly uses subframes or something, because there were several levels IL that were a frame off in either direction, each frame compensating for the gain/loss, ending the main game on the exact same frame for us both. I noticed this in levels that are physically impossible to improve, so basically the work in the previous level is pushing me forward. Lose a frame to gain a frame, evens out.
Anyways, I don't see a way this could be improved. So ready to submit.
This is so polished I would be surprised if it can be beaten.

ThunderAxe31: Claiming for judging.

OtakuTAS: Requesting frame 13,826 for thumbnail/screenshot frame.

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