Submission #8168: Natetheman223's PSX Spider-Man 2: Enter: Electro "basketball%" in 02:08.58

Sony PlayStation
(Submitted: Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro)
bizhawk 2.8
Spider-Man 2 - Enter - Electro (USA) (Rev 1).bin
Submitted by Natetheman223 on 4/1/2023 5:22 AM
Submission Comments
I have literally never played this game before and I will never play it again
goal: throw the basketball into the hoop. there is a basketball on the roof and a basketball court down below. you can throw the basketball into it from the roof.
video of speedrunners throwing it from in the court and not the roof:
april 1 2023
cancelling because april fools' joke, not optimized and definitely not gonna get published lol
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