Submission #8228: Spikestuff's Flash Henry Stickmin 3: Stealing the Diamond in 04:33.70

(Link to video)
Adobe Flash
libTAS v1.4.4 // ruffle-nightly-2023-04-19
Submitted by Spikestuff on 4/21/2023 3:14:03 AM
Submission Comments
Diamonds are forever, forever.
Immediately out of the gate, I need to go through the prerequisites, this is a modified flash file.
It is modified due to the non-deterministic loading thanks to the Newgrounds API.
You cannot nuke the internet, as that will result in a longer load in Ruffle comparatively to flash which loads the title instantly.
So how does one remove things and what's removed?
Firstly you need JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler. After grabbing a clean version of the game only one thing that needs to be removed.
Under the "frames" folder in frame 1, remove:
PlaceObject2 (75: API Connector (NewgroundsAPI)) Depth: 17
This will get the game running immediately without issue.
A bonus for future encoders/publishers if the video ever gets taken down remove "SoundStreamHead(12374)" and "SoundStreamHead(13353)" from the sounds folder.
Spike why aren't you referring to the branch as "no refresh"?
'Cause that exclusive progression that gets saved is only available in Fleeing the Complex, placing it here is wrong.

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: Accepting.

despoa: Processing...
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