Submission #8291: Reseren's GBA Wario Land 4 "S-Hard" in 39:20.97

System Game Boy Advance Emulator BizHawk 2.3.0
Game Version USA/Europe Frame Count 141015
ROM Filename Wario Land 4 (USA, Europe).gba Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch S-Hard Rerecord Count 66360
! Sram Authors Reseren
Submitted by Reseren on 5/24/2023 1:31:31 AM

Submission Comments
  • Bizhawk 2.3.0
  • mGBA core
  • Tool-assisted Speedrun profile
  • ROM checksum sha1: B9FE05A8080E124B67BCE6A623234EE3B518A2C1
  • bios: gbabios.rom Bios(World), sha1:300C20DF6731A33952DED8C436F7F186D25D3492
  • verification file for Hard mode (which must be beaten to unlock S-hard):

Tech and glitch explanations can be found by referring to the Normal mode TAS here:
The goal of S-Hard mode is the same as Normal or Hard mode - collect all the gem pieces and beat all the bosses. The catch though is that you start every level with only 1 heart. There are also way more/different enemies in every level, and chests have been moved to more difficult locations (frog switches have also been moved for a few levels). In terms of the routes for every level, S-Hard is similar to Hard, save for a few other exceptions which I will go over below. Although you have fewer hearts in boss fights, they're the same as the other modes.
Hall of Hieroglyphics
This is the normally the intro level, but in S-hard, the frog switch is in the beginning, and spinning spears enemies are everywhere. These enemies make the movement in the chest rooms fairly complex because they can't be jumped over like Normal/Hard mode.
Palm Tree Paradise
The frog switch has been placed right at the start of the level, but other than that the level is pretty straightforward. There are a ton of spinning spear enemies here which changes the order in which we get the chests a bit.
Toxic Landfill
The bow-and-arrow enemies at the end of the level can be bounced off of, allowing us to skip needing to go the very bottom of the room after getting the chest in order to get to the portal.
Pinball Zone
This level is completely broken. Because there are more enemies to jump with, we can use zips to avoid all of the pinball rooms except one.
Toy Block Tower
The chests are in slightly different locations than Hard mode, but the route is mostly the same.
Doodle Woods
This level has a lot of possible areas to zip, allowing for a very different route from the other difficulties.
Domino Row
The last chest room has an enemy that can be bounced off to zip past the wall which is normally unzippable.
Hotel Horror
This is another stage which switches up some of the chest locations compared to Hard mode.

Darkman425: Claiming for judging.
Darkman425: I watched this run side by side with both the Normal and Hard mode publications. The additional enemies (and usually more dangerous) enemies, the lower starting health, and changed chest locations seem to make approaches different compared to the other difficulties. In some cases the additional enemies and changed chest locations lead to faster room and level strats compared to other difficulties, making S. Hard mode distinct in practice with regards to optimization and routing. Also worth noting that the optimization is solid throughout including improvements to similar areas compared to the old Hard mode publication.
Accepting to Standard as a new branch. I'll leave it up to the publisher if the branch should be "S. Hard" or "Super Hard".

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