Submission #8293: keithPlayzStuff's Flash The I of It in 05:49.13

System Adobe Flash Emulator libTAS v1.4.4
Game Version any v1.0 Frame Count 10474
ROM Filename 4120.swf Frame Rate 30
Branch Rerecord Count 740
PowerOn Authors keithPlayzStuff
Submitted by keithPlayzStuff on 5/25/2023 4:54:16 AM

Submission Comments
Platform: Flash
This is a tool-assisted speed-run of The I of It. It has 10474 frames of input @ 30 fps. For RTA runs, "Time begins when the 'start' button is pressed, ends when the first bubble of the thought bubble appears" ( Timed this way, the run's time goes from frame 452 to 10481, resulting in an RTA-timed time of 5' 34.3". This is a total of 7 seconds faster than the current RTA world record of 5' 41.3".

Goal: Any% Flash

Stuff used


Sometimes I vibrate the player for fun, I understand if that is not your cup of tea but some of my friends like it like that and I personally think it's funny. However, the main goal of this TAS is speed. For most levels it was good enough to reference the RTA run and just go frame by frame, making savestates and checking when the earliest possible frame I could do any action would be. I also used community feedback from the UNDERCARDS, SM64 TAS, and The I of It Speedrunning Discord servers to find time-saves and overall improve the watch-ability of the run. I will add some stage-specific comments below.
Oh, one more thing. In this game, movement is pretty simple. Left/Right and Up/Down movement are essentially independent and entirely linear. Level transitions also always take exactly 51 frames. Makes the game pretty convenient to TAS at times.

Stage by stage comments

First bomb level

It's a few frames faster to grab the leftmost block.

Anti-gravity levels in general

The fastest way to go down is pushing off a ceiling and the next-fastest way is to spam up and down. The fastest way to go up is just waiting. BTW these were the most painful levels to TAS. Just need to vent.

The X level

You need to talk to the X before you can grab the balloon. The "the X was very happy" cut-scene also freezes your character.

The darts level

This is the only RNG level in the game. The default libTAS setting of setting system time to 1 second at the start of playback happens to give a perfect RNG seed, so that was used. BTW, you can't advance before you throw every dart, so it is faster to miss a dart on purpose.

The final level

The height you are when the ending cut-scene plays actually does not change the time it takes for it to play out, but I only learned this after experimenting so for aesthetic reasons I left in the adjustment because it loses no time. Also, the end of input is 7 frames before the actual RTA cutoff for when the game ends. BTW, I think it would be best to leave the entire ending cut-scene in the encoding just because it's such a funny cut-scene.

CasualPokePlayer: Replaced movie file with one with the correct platform in annotations

ikuyo: Claiming for judging.

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