Submission #8388: ShiningProdigy9000, rodonic01, WST & marzojr's Genesis Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog "100%" in 15:42.96

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Sega Genesis
Submitted by ShiningProdigy9000 on 6/28/2023 8:20:31 PM
Submission Comments
This run is aimed to complete the game as fast as possible while also getting all 6 Chaos Emeralds for the 100% (True/Good) Ending. We used inputs from the current world record run by WST and Marzojr. You might ask "Why a 100% run of Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog?" Well I looked for a run somewhere and it turns out nobody has done it yet, so me, and rodonic01 decided to make one using the world record inputs and special stage strats, to get 100% of Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Game Objectives

• Complete the Game as fast as possible with all 6 chaos emeralds collected
• Contains speed/entertainment tradeoffs
• Aims for in-game time instead of real-time
• Takes damage to save time
• Abuses programming errors
• Genre: Platform

Levels With Chaos Emerald Collection

• Green Hill Act 1
• Green Hill Act 2
• Marble Act 1
• Spring Yard Act 1
• Spring Yard Act 2
• Star Light Act 2
These levels contain me collecting 50 rings without going off the main path and loosing a bunch of time.

Stage Comments

Green Hill act 2
After using the bridge clip founded in the previous run I went to collect the 2 ring monitors at the start and then got to the end in record time.
Marble act 1
Had to optimize the way I was gonna get 50 rings, with some perfect enemy bounces and spindash, I get to the part where you go underneath a section of the level by a moving platform, there I get the 50 rings. Then I use the zip strat to almost get to the end, there are red solidity display bars at each ends of the wall, to further continue the zip, knuckles would have to jump high enough to get to the other platform and finish the zip and level. But the red bars push us down from jumping at our max height. So I use the wall jump glide strat (used in this) to finish the level with 19 seconds. And Yes, I did try not waiting for the zip and just going, but the zip strat was 2 frames faster, I'll take the criticism...
Spring Yard act 1
Optimized my routing to get 50 rings. Used a monitor clip so that I wouldn't have to spindash and wait to spindash again, then I used a spring clip (Found in this) that allowed me to do a jump clip into a zip to the end of the level.
Spring Yard act 2
Optimized Routing to not loose a bunch of time and still maintain 50 rings at the end
Star Light act 2
Used the commonly known level wrap strat and then I backtracked to where you can get 5 ring monitors right before the end loosing me 5 seconds.
Scrap Brain act 3
Found a 4 second time saver where Knuckles can do a 5 frame spindash and jump with just enough height to clip into the wall from above, then I had to optimize the end spring timing because if I zip too fast I can loose time by bouncing for too long on the spring.
Special Stages
Hitboxes were unintentionally made for Sonic to jump infinitely on a wall if you mash ABC each frame. So rodonic01 did a great job completing all 6 special stages.

Apologies For:

Low Rerecord Count (Most of the inputs were copied using TAS Movie Editor)

ThunderAxe31: Claiming for judging.
ThunderAxe31: I think there are enough differences for having this hack co-existing with the original version. Accepting.

despoa: Processing...
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