Submission #854: choco-mint's NES Dragon Warrior II in 59:15.57

Nintendo Entertainment System
(Submitted: Dragon Quest 2 (J))
VirtuaNES 0.92
Dragon Quest 2 (J).nes
Submitted by finalfighter on 10/21/2005 5:49:05 PM
Submission Comments
Failure: Silver key is NOT needed to finish this game.
Comments: I think that there are still a lot of improvement locations. I think that it surely becomes reference in the future.
Sorry,this movie is "vmv file(VirtuaNES)". Required VirtuaNES version 0.92

Bisqwit: Tidied the markup a bit. To anyone wondering, this VirtuaNES movie was submitted on my permission, making an exception from the rules.

Truncated: I am unable to view this submission, but judging from the comments there is no reason why this movie should be published. The author has already listed 8 minutes of possible improvements. Therefore, rejectifided.
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