Submission #8609: Technoturnovers's Flash K.O.L.M. "any%" in 07:37.53

(Link to video)
System Adobe Flash Emulator libTAS v1.4.4 // ruffle-nightly-2023-09-14
Game Version 14NG Frame Count 13726
ROM Filename 556643_robotroid14_ng202c.swf Frame Rate 30
Branch any% Rerecord Count 349
PowerOn Authors Technoturnovers
Submitted by Technoturnovers on 9/18/2023 3:42:31 AM

Submission Comments
Timing ends on Frame 12847, the last necessary input.
ENCODE/PLAYBACK INSTRUCTIONS: This one is, in some aspects, even jankier than Pico's School, which is pretty impressive.
  • The recording WILL play and display on-screen with the release version of libTAS stated above, and can be verified that way, but it will NOT encode- the console will spam errors, and the output video will be totally broken.
  • The recording will encode on an interim version of libTAS, with "Interim 9204a7d6 (2023-09-14)" (artifact link) being used to produce the temporary encode above.
  • Required arguments: "-g gl --no-gui". Vulkan does NOT work, even for encode; software rendering can be on or off, doesn't matter.
  • File SHA-256: F58F2419F8FF94DBD1BD90D356AA8CD47E28592403372CA91D4C96445310233A
  • NOTE: There is an older version of the game used in 100% runs, distinguishable by the lack of a version number on the very first screen and the presence of (kinda crappy) royalty-free music instead of the original soundtrack later introduced. This is the newer version, which has the version number "14NG" on the loading screen instead.
  • Fast-forward doesn't work, save states do.
  • Normally, K.O.L.M. utilizes 3D functionality to produce a camera-panning effect on the 2D game screen in lieu of traditional screen-scrolling. This does not work in Ruffle as of yet; however, this is PURELY visual, and will not affect sync in any way, and all other graphical effects in the game work. Should Ruffle implement the required functionality the encode will become obsolete, however.
  • In all screen transitions and loading screens, the game will experience severe, several-seconds lag. This is normal, and doesn't affect sync or encoding.
DESCRIPTION: This has to be my favorite TAS I've done so far. All of the tricks used are present in RTA speedruns, just executed to a level that puts human play in the dust, with the rest of the timesave coming from micro-optimized jumps, spam-shooting, and movement. This primarily means making all jumps at the most precise height as possible, dashing at every possible opportunity, and using recoil from shooting upwards to fast-fall when convenient. All of the tech used is as follows:
  • After collecting an item, you can take a shortcut back to where you entered the room by quitting and then re-entering the game; mere mortals have to actually react to when the main menu loads and then click back into the game, but a TAS is able to do this instantaneously.
  • Two death warps are used, one to bypass a shooter that you would normally need to duck under and another to speed past some annoying enemies en-route to collecting an item.
  • It is possible to zip through a tunnel going left-to-right by precisely ducking and then unducking at the entrance of a small tunnel; this normally takes multiple attempts by a human, if successful at all, but the TAS is able to ace it every time. This is used in two screens in this run, and saves a ton of time. This doesn't work if there isn't a space one block lower to zip to, however, getting you stuck off-screen for your trouble. This can also be used to warp to another screen if an appropriate screen transition is available, but there isn't an opportunity in this particular route.
  • If you shoot a door that is a higher level than your current weapon, then any minibosses on-screen will be damaged by the debris at a distance, which makes all but one such miniboss absolutely trivial. The second miniboss would normally have its AI exploited to get it stuck in a favorable position in a human run, but for a TAS it's easier and faster to literally just spam-shoot it. I also deliberately activated the third miniboss early, that way it ends up in a position where it won't bother me when it's time to unleash the cheese by utilizing the door trick.

nymx: Claiming for judging.

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