Submission #8614: Technoturnovers's Flash This Is The Only Level TOO "RTA" in 03:46.13

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System Adobe Flash Emulator libTAS v1.4.4 // ruffle-nightly-2023-09-14
Game Version 1.0.3 Frame Count 9045
ROM Filename this-is-the-only-lev-5351.swf Frame Rate 40
Branch RTA Rerecord Count Unknown
PowerOn Authors Technoturnovers
Submitted by Technoturnovers on 9/19/2023 6:59:37 AM

Submission Comments
RTA timing ends on Frame 8206, the final input frame before the In-Game Timer freezes. Rerecord count is 221; it got wiped because of some random technical jank with me having to add in time tracking after the postrun due to the Armor Games popup breaking the recording.
ENCODE/PLAYBACK INSTRUCTIONS: The game actually runs fine enough this time, miracle of miracles.
  • Runtime -> Time tracking -> clock_gettime() monotonic CHECKED.
  • Required arguments: "--open-url-mode deny --no-gui". The url argument is because without it Stage 15 will open up your web browser, and that is annoying.
  • Fast-forward appears to screw up the pause menu glitch, so make sure not to skip past the only time that is used (Stages 6/7).
  • File SHA-256: 52432B05217B4A7250DB0934644D978ADB9597642367E7A985586B7B9FCAA80D
  • Stage 28, "Surface Painting", shows all tiles as painted no matter what. This does not affect gameplay or sync in any fashion.
DESCRIPTION: I decided after finishing K.O.L.M. 2 that I wanted to do another jmtb02 game, seeing as how he's one of my favorite Flash developers and probably one of the best of all time; I was originally going to do Give Up 2, but I put that one on the backburner early in production after it turned out that recording it was really, REALLY boring, so I then picked TITOL2 as a relatively short but still entertaining subject.
The reason why the category for this submission is called "RTA" is because speedrunning for TITOL2 is weird. The primary category of run is not RTA, but rather using In-Game-Time, and use of pause abuse features heavily in reducing the IGT by as much as possible. However, doing this also absolutely BALLOONS the RTA time, and such a strategy is thus not suitable for TASVideos' Standard category; even 'RTA' runs (put off in a separate subcategory in don't use actual RTA but simply ban the use of pausing, thus still not counting the meta section where you control the elephant in the main menu. Since the pause glitch is largely unhelpful in decreasing framecount, I only used it in Stage 7 to regain early control of the elephant, thus allowing me to immediately jump back in the pipe; normally this Stage actually has a deliberately increased delay before control is gained to prevent exactly this, but pausing at the right time bypasses it. Besides this, gaining early control of the elephant only gives tiny speed benefits, as holding right carelessly will simply run you into the vertical spikes right next to the spawn pipe, and many routes dictated by the Stage gimmicks totally obviate the benefit anyways, which is already in "shaving individual frames" territory. As one final punchline, despite not using the pause abuse glitch to shave down the IGT, my IGT is still faster than the human WR on account of better execution.

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